hey guys

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  1. heya im new to mine craft pc, and even newer at servers :3 nice to meet you all
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  2. Welcome to the empire and minecraft PC! :) I hope you will enjoy the community and the server. See you around! Oh, what smp server have you decided to call, "home"? :)
  3. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! :)

    EDIT: She's from SMP9!
  4. uh i dont know haha :oops: how do i find out?
  5. Welcome to the Empire! You can find out which smp you are on by typing /v (yourname) and it will say which smp you are currently on. You can also switch from smps by using /smp! Hope to see ya around. :)
  6. Welcome! :)
  7. thanks :D

    it comes up with ' you cannot teleport-' ?
  8. Welcome to the Empire! If you have any further questions then feel free to ask! :D
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  9. Hi Katri,

    Welcome to the Empire!

    I did a little spying, err: investigation, and you landed on SMP9. Which is in my opinion a really nice server to be on. I don't visit them often, but the times when I did have always been relaxing.

    There are actually 2 good ways to check what server you're on. The /res command will show you all your residences. You currently have one, but when you have more then your main residence is always the one which has just your name besides it. (/res list is how I learned what server you were on ;) ).

    SMP9 is but one of the 10 servers we have on the Empire, and you can even hop across others. For example; I live on SMP2, others on SMP5, and so on. If you're server hopping then the /who command is a nice way to determine where you are :)

    My advice: don't try to take it all in at once. The Empire is huge, and has a lot of features and stuff to do. Take your time, enjoy and you'll get the hang of things soon enough!

    Hope to see you online someday.
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  10. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  11. Welcome to the Empire LunarKatri. If you have any questions, ask anybody that is on, most people are more than willing to help out. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  12. Welcome to the Empire! Don't feel shy to ask any questions, I'm sure we'll be happy to answer them! :)
  13. thanks :) so im on SMP9 :D good to know hehe
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