Hey guys! Check out this mineshaft I found!

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  1. you should check out this mine shaft then, he found it on smp9
  2. As of 1.5, chests in dungeons spawn in minecarts.
    To prove its legit can you take pictures of yourself missing hearts and hunger?
  3. The hunger thing can be faked.
  4. That's why I said missing hearts, too.
  5. Hoax!
    Since the co-ordanates are within 5,000 of spawn the mineshaft is in pregenerated land (using 1.2 generation). There will not be emeralds or storage minecarts.
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  6. No davie no

    lol the cord are for smp9 town since the cat is out of the bag, we did have a few people catch on and they ended up finding some cool stuff due to this thread. it had a good run
  7. :(
    Why you have to troll...
  8. well there were slight hints if people had of paid attention like a few did

    1. the thread is in Community Creations
    2. some of the ores like the red stone didnt add up

    3.the cords were withtin 5k of spawn so no emerald would of be found within this range

    4. the sheer amount of ores within this mineshaft are crazy

    5.we just be cool like that

    I would still suggest hunting this place down if you can
  9. I mean, I don't get what you mean by the redstone. But, I wouldn't have thought of the 5k hint.... I'll assume you guys are geniuses and put in all those factors/hints to see who could figure it out.
  10. Ok what if Joe "Found" this on someone else's res??
  11. redstone only spawns within 16 blocks of bedrock, and in the last picture, it is shown at lvl 25
  12. I find redstone all the time at level 25! Checking the wiki Brb.
  13. Wiki states below level 14.. Hmm... Guess that mystery's solved. :p

  14. Wiki states 16 levels.... Oh whatever, the redstone is above that.
  15. red stone can befound above 16 wiki is not alway right and some server do twist the rules.

    but yes Joe did find this on some ones res, And yes they were all slight hint to see who would catch on to this hoax that it was in the wild
  16. :p lol good thing Davie caught on. Don't know how i would get a pic of myself staving and missing hearts in town without the pic being fake lol
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  17. Yeh , I went to the EXACT coordinates and there was no mineshaft.
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  18. You think your mineshaft is any better than mine?
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  19. Thank you for the cords. I am sure they are on single player.
  20. It's on Multiplayer, not saying which server though.