Hey guys! Check out this mineshaft I found!

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  1. ^ That's Some Crazy Ore Amounts!

    ^ Emeralds :D

    ^ Treasure!!!

    ^ Fish Club in a Cave!

    ^ Here's the coordinates.
    So Come Check it Out, it's on Smp9!!!
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  2. Lol no way. That's awesome.
  3. That... That is amazing... Have you mined out all the ores or is someone else going to?
  4. Once dragon tombs come out, you should claim it and make it a "national park". :p
    That looks amazing!
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  5. Thats really cool, i love the gold in it. :)
  6. ur a horrible liar joe :p
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  7. it's true i was standing right beside him in it, it amazing
  8. Why don't you give me perms on your residence, so I can come mine it.
  9. Uh huh... How can emeralds be in a jungle biome.. Hmmm? *Squints*
  10. I might be beginning to get this... :p Is it an actual club? :p
  11. there are emerald that spawn in jungle its normaly a 5 per chunk thing higher in extream hills
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  12. That's such a lie -_- It must be underground on his res. Similar how the fish club works. Plus if Joe didn't have it on his res it would be desecrated.
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  13. Emerald ore is an extremely rare mineral that only generates in Extreme hills or Extreme Hills Edge biomes
    Le minecraft wiki!
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  14. Maybe the Jungle was next to the extreme mountains biome...?
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  15. *cough cough* redstone spawns below level *cough* 16 *cough cough*

  16. I've actually found it in plains before…
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  17. We all know how broken MC is... so I can believe that statement...
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  18. I would like to note, that mineshafts don't have actual chest carts in them, and diamonds only spawn in layers below level 16. :cool:
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  19. But have you noticed how only 1 image has the coords. And the rest don't. They are all taken in different places...
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