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  1. Hey emc, only 105 days late :rolleyes:

    I'm CallumDAKing
    I'm a 13 year old boy, I love rapping and for sports I do kick boxing/ fist boxing, playing minecraft and being on Skype with my "friends". My top favorite mods are 1. eviltoade 2.imcavie 3.TheDarkModRises
    because they're amazing.
    My birthday is 23/4/2003 so maybe by the time you read this it will be my birthday!!
    If you ask me I will give you my skype. I would like to skype so of you people to show you my rapping skills. For me I 100% love talking to krysyy because she is just amazing.
    Also I have a great part in my heart for xskitzie Because she is the nicest person i know!

    The funny time I have had earlier this week was that i called crystaldragon13 "hot" as a friendly joke and she said "yeah hot so hot, that I can burn up Kings";):)

    Well people this is me.
    any questions
    just ask.
  2. Hi Callum,

    First a belated welcome to the Empire. Hmm, welcome to the forums perhaps? I'd normally say that I hope you're enjoying it here but something tells me that this is already the case ;)

    I hope you don't mind me doing this, but since you brought it up: be sure to vote for them in the staff appreciation event. Its a new thingie ;)

    w00t, exciting, only 2 more days to go! hehe, I'm usually much too quick with these posts; I somehow manage to click 'what's new' just in the right times to spot them.

    ha, ha, ha! well, she is a dragon afterall :D

    Thanks for sharing, and a happy birthday in advance! Hope you'll continue to have fun on the Empire!
  3. thanks alot
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  4. Welcome to the Empire Minecraft :)

    At least you did do one, I did also plan to do one "some day" but, well, at the moment of writing whould I be 1338 days late...
    I wonder if she is also able to burn up knights... particularly burgerknights.... (WARNING: Those people CAN BE little pink pony's, you never know...)
  5. Happy birthday and welcome to emc! ;p hehe
  6. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  7. Welcome to the best server on Minecraft lol

    I hope you keep enjoying the features available to all of us
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  8. Hi Callum. Welcome to the Empire and the forums. Good to hear you are enjoying yourself, and an early Happy Birthday. :)
  9. Hello Callum, welcome to Empire Minecraft.... Oh wait, you're already established here! Rapping isn't one of my specialties sadly, but I do enjoy listening to it and trying it. I hope to get to know you better during your time here and I hope you enjoy your stay here. I am usually on smp2 so you can chat with me there :)
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  10. cant wait but it will have to be after 3 days becuz of my banning xD
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  11. Welcome to the Empire!
    Also I know its early but Happy Birthday!!! :)
  12. thanks <3
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  13. bump?
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  14. Heh, I'm one day early =P Happy early birthday!!!

    Ain't that the truth :') I think we all have a great part in our hearts for her; she's also got a great sense of humor and is absolutely motivational. EMC The world needs more people like her. ;w;

    ...She's a dragon. They breathe fire. Of COURSE they're hot lol :D
    and, on that note, so are Krysyy and amadai. Also Resik, the Ender Dragon herself. lol
    (expect to see a lot of these puns and more when I'm around lmao)

    Anyway, I saw you around quite a bit on smp8 lately and it's great to know you'll be active on the forums as well!
    A big welcome to you :)
  15. The reason I " was" on smp8 a lot was because I was talking to a friend about my bulk order that I got from him
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  16. That is so true
  17. Welcome to the Empire Callum!
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  18. Welcome to the empire smp2 is da best! (we got shelL I mean u cant go wrong)