Herobine Head?!?!

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  1. So I was adventuring in the wild, and I killed a skeleton, and it dropped a head, and I wondered why it wasn't a skeleton head, so I went and picked it up, and got this:
    2014-01-19_09.26.10.png 2014-01-19_09.26.20.png

    lol jk, it's Weirdmanaico's head fooled you guys

    I need an explanation please!
  2. lol u have haste on
  3. ?
  4. Oh god, KILL IT, KILL IT WITH FIRE! :eek:
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  5. I saw someone else with one of these :eek:
  6. on the picture for attached files
  7. Which one? :confused:
  8. for the attached files
  9. Anyone have an idea on how much it's worth? :O
  10. "Herobine's Head"
    so not worth much
  11. Finally, someone who got it. ;)
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  12. This is probably what happened.
    Someone named Herobine or with a Herobine head was killed by that skele, and the skele picked it up.
  13. Hold on search a player named herobine!
  14. Noone is named Herobine!
  15. Renaming Heads.
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  16. No player herobine, could be a spelling error? But I know you can get them in game.
  17. Aikar has always been messing with us!