help with teleport thingy

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  1. how do i do the walking on pad teleports you thing again i forgot it all
  2. Type the command "/res tpsign", then bury a sign in the ground, and place a pressure plate on top of the block right above the sign.
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  3. p = pressure plate/air
    b = block
    s = sign with "teleport" on the first line

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  4. pressure plate is now optional.

    You can simply leave it as air block, or use powered redstone dust.
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  5. Cool thanks.
    Also hi Aikar :3
  6. I knew something changed, but wasn't too sure anymore. Ha, that explains why I kept teleporting to my storage while walking across a specific block on my farm :)

    Very cool feature though, when properly used of course ;)
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  7. Teleports without stepping on pressure plates? :eek: That's cool!
  8. Some people are using the new designs very.. imaginatively ;)
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  9. For example? :)
  10. Well, I don't know about you but I keep getting tp'd when I am just walking around a res xD
  11. That's most likely happening by accident.

    Thing is; this behavior changed not too long ago; before that you needed to trigger the teleport sign (for example by using a pressure plate). And since you can also use teleport signs "manually" (by right clicking)...

    So its very likely that people may have placed a sign somewhere with the intention to use it 'manually' at a time when walking above it didn't trigger also trigger it.

    Well, either that or you may also be the first person to actually have stepped on that particular block ;)

    Or, also a possibility, someone is playing games on you 8)
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  12. Pretty sure pressure plate was always optional. Not so much in this way, but since I joined the Empire 3 years ago, you could use nether portals for teleportation in this way.
  13. Nether portals, yeah, but not just plain air.
  14. This would be a very... interesting... feature to add to my maze... *mischievous grin*
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