[Help] Time Between UnClaiming and Claiming

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  1. I was getting bored with my current residence, so I'm going to reset and claim a new one. For Fun. :)

    I have vaulted everything, but I need to know some info. Last time I did this, there was a time between doing this, so how long? (My wording is really bad.. -_-) I don't want to unclaim my res, only to find out that the other res was taken. I need to time this, only 2 days left. I looked it up on the wiki, but there was no clear answer.

    If you understand what I am saying... Good! Please Help.. :)
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  2. I don't think they still have the timer, but I believe that when I first joined it was 1 hour. Not sure though. :p
  3. There is a one hour timer for claiming reses, I just claimed some for my alt today. I'm not sure about a timer between unclaiming reses, though.
  4. When you claim a res, you cannot unclaim it for the coming hour. You can claim as many residences as you want, but only one forceclaim per hour. Unclaiming has no limits either, apart from the aforementioned, you have to have had it longer than 1 hour. :)
  5. Thanks Everyone. I feel so nooby now. "Its an hour." "1 hour " "the upcoming hour"
    I thought it was 16hrs lol.
    Btw, someone add this info to the wiki, I couldn't find it there. ;)
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  6. There is one small exception to this rule. When you first start on the Empire you get a residence assigned to you. At that time you don't have to wait the whole hour anymore if you want to relocate. You used to, but it got changed by Aikar some months ago, inspired by a player suggestion :)

    Edit: I'll see if us contribs can do something about making this easier to find on the wiki.

    Edit2: This information is now added to the residence commands page, it seems most appropriate to me there.