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  1. So a few days ago I was looking for one of the player heads I had. When I realized it was gone. I New no one could have robbed it because the area it was in was secret. Then my new player head turned into an older version of my skin. After an hour it turned back and suddenly the people that had my old version head now have my new version right in its place. And those people were in derelict. So what the heck is happening? Does it have to do with the animals that are dying? Please let me know and can someone get me back my redfoxzipi head?
  2. it is a client side glitch u see it differently than i see it don't worry it will go away eventually
  3. So I will get my redfoxzipi head back?
  4. it was never gone....
  5. From what I understand, you have a head that's just changing skins. That's a known bug that's likely unfixable/very hard to fix. There's nothing you can do about it.
  6. That's because someone stole it. I got it back and reported that person and took her flags away
  7. Is the case that head is stolen at your residence, and the one whi did that HAD the flags to do that, you will not get your head back, I'm sorry, but that is, according to the rules, your own resiponcibility. :(
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  8. My own player head seems to change skins whenever I do :p The glitch is pretty interesting. However as they mentioned it only changes the appearance of the head, it doesn't make it disappear entirely.
  9. The skin that heads show is just uncontrollable. My heads keep changing to skins I had months ago. there isn't really anything you can do.
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  10. also i have another 1 if u want it
  11. I had the flags on that person's res so I got it back.
  12. so they stole it from u and u stole it from then
  13. You should always be careful about giving flags to players. Give them the flags if you're absolutely sure. :)
  14. this is true very true
  15. It's more of they stole it from me and I got it from them
  16. difference are u even sure it was stolen
  17. Let's get off the topic of stealing; it doesn't really apply to the topic.
    He did not steal it back, he got it back via staff intervening (I assume). No stealing from his part.
  18. Yes I'm really sure but anyways she let me put it in my head museum.
  19. The head is changing it's skins to update. Yes, the person could have stolen it.
  20. <raises fingers & waves hand very slightly> These are not the heads you are looking for