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    1. Do Iron Golems despawn in town?
    2. Is there a way to give someone all residence flags with one command?
    Thanks :)
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  1. iron golems wont spawn at all in town or snow golems. unfortunately you have to do each flag one at a time. :)
  2. Thank you :D
  3. yep, no problem :D
  4. Can't you do /res set flag true?
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  5. that very well may be true, i was always told to do them one at a time :confused:
  6. Is there a way to give just one person all flags though?
  7. maybe /res pset (name) flag true ???? its worth a try
  8. Invald Flag...

    Oh well, maybe a command to add all flags is something IcC and Aikar should think about
  9. It's been mentioned many times and I haven't heard any responses from ICC or Aikar about adding it so maybe in the future
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  10. It takes minimal effort to give someone all the flags. You only need 3 flags that encase all flags, container, use, and build (and possibly anvil). So instead of fixing things that aren't broken to appease someone who is a bit too lazy to type in 3 things instead of, I'd hope they continue to work on things which they have told us about and are still indev such as Dragon Tombs and Wastelands.
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  11. Actually, use/container/build do not encase villager trading, minecarts, killing or breeding animals, boat use, and anvils. Also, you probably could have made that post sound a little bit less rude :confused:
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  12. I can still steal your mobs with A Fishing Rod ^_^
  13. No you can't. Entc won't let you. :p
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  14. 5 more, so the extra minute it takes is not detrimental to your daily schedule. Side note I'm not being rude, but you don't give your full res perms everyday so I don't think it's a seriously time consuming thing in the grand scheme of things.
  15. Really? You should have replied to that thread saying that people can steal with fishing rods.
  16. Didn't see it. :p
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  17. 1: No, any kind of mobs (except animals) don't spawn in town.
    2: Try making a forum called "[Suggestion] Every Flag Commands" :p
  18. Just for the record, I seem to remember reading something about parent flags being considered for in the future on Track. :)
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