[HELP] Optifine Error

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  1. Hey EMC:

    I have dis versions: (look at da pic)

    and this happens with Optifine when I AFK for a long time (an hr or so)

    Please help!
  2. I do not know if this would cause it, but I think MCPatcher is incompatible with OptiFine. Try uninstalling MCPatcher, but this info might be a bit outdated.
  3. Well ive never seen this before. Try changing some of the video settings, or it could be because you go afk.
  4. Mcpatcher is incompatible with optifine
  5. I don't use MCPatcher, whatever that is...?
  6. Might you explain what that is?
  7. Change your OpenGl in the video settings
  8. ??
    To what
  9. Whats it currently on?
  10. Where is dat?
  11. Video settings
  12. Then where?
  13. I use Optifine, remember.
    SO the setting places are different
  14. I use it to. There should be an option in video settings that says OpenGL
  15. I send u screenshots tomorrow.
    I sleep now.
  16. lol that was like a conversation on a thread
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  17. Yeah and tomorrow we continue it in pms. Lol
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  18. I've looked for the OpenGL settings for quite a while and can't find them. That may be a little problem. (I am using OptiFine.) Worst case scenario you can always reset your video settings.
  19. I'll check tomorrow and see what its called