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Which Supporter rank should I get?

Diamond 14 vote(s) 87.5%
Gold 2 vote(s) 12.5%
Iron 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. So tomorrow, I will be purchasing my very first supporter rank BUT I have yet to decide which one I want. This is where you guys come in, I want you to vote on which rank you think is the best (considering price, benefits, etc.) and post your opinions, pros and cons, and which one you would pick/why you picked yours.
  2. Your first time? Definitely Diamond. That's what I did. My reasoning being that you can go and claim four residences, so you have a lot more area to make your projects and so on, and you'll also be able to change the messages and add extra res locations and res tags, many more than you can do with any other supporter rank.

    Once you've got everything you need on all of your residences, you'll have the rest of the time to get extra rupee bonuses, enjoy Utopia and so on. Also, this one gives the most money to EMC, so it also supports EMC the most out of all three and will help EMC to grow, prosper, maintain and upgrade! :)
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  3. If It's your first time supporting, I suggest you get diamond for all the Reses. After that (if you decide to support again) I suggest sticking to gold or iron as they are cheaper but still have almost everything diamond does. :)
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  4. I'll wait till I have a few more opinions to decide.
  5. Diamond to get your 4 residences, then gold if you plan on using the utopia frontier/waste.
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  6. I'd suggest gold, since it's that perfect balance between affordable and useful.
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  7. The only factor here is price! If you can afford it, go diamond no doubt. When you go up, benefits go up. That simple. Select based on your budget.
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  8. first time i say diamond so you get all the perks if you want to keep it up thats up to you but for sure diamond to start off with
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  9. First: congrats on your upcoming first supporter period!

    Before even considering to get a voucher make sure that you can use its perks to their full or best extend. And that starts by checking your goals. For example: you can get more residences, Diamond supporters can get up to 4. But... Depending on your plans this means that you might need to time it.

    For example: a friend of mine really wanted to have her own quadrant (4 residences adjacent). And well, that isn't always very easy :) Here's the thing: dia (diamond voucher) gets you access to 4 residences, but gold (gold voucher) "only" 2 (used quotes because I don't mean this in a degrading tone). So if you're aiming for something as specific as a quadrant then timing is key. So then the question isn't so much "what voucher should I get" but "when should I get it". If that applies then gold could be a better start with (hopefully) the potential to go dia later.

    Another thing to be aware of: EMC is a very complex and huge server. There are many perks attached to becoming a supporter and unless you're already familiar with all of them it could also be a good idea to start small, get to know all those perks and then decide later on if you want to extend it.

    So my advice....

    If you know what you're aiming for, and if you also know that you can achieve those goals (think about residences on different servers) then definitely go for Diamond and utilize those perks. When doing projects which might benefit from certain features (think about residence locations) then it helps to plan your steps.

    When all of this is still relatively new (which I think it is) then Gold is also a very good way to start. It gets you some nice perks but not to their full extend. For example: you can get one extra residence.

    SO bottom line: it depends on your goals. But I'd definitely advice you to go with either Gold or Diamond, not Iron.

    EDIT: I don't want to spoil the fun before it even has begun, but this could be a good read too: my guide which explains what happens if your voucher runs out. This might help you plan ahead a bit..