Help Krysyy find the perfect wedding dress

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  1. Okay so I don't even know if any of you actually care anything about dresses, but if you do, I could use some help. Here's some basic details:
    -budget: 5k
    -white as main color, not opposed to playing around with extra things being blueish
    -sweetheart/semi-sweetheart neckline, willing to look at others though
    -fit and flare, mermaid or a-line. I do like fun bottoms and being different. Key is the bottom needs to flow with the top, not cut out like I'm sitting on a cloud. Or they come from different dresses
    -preferably not a long train

    So here's why I come to you guys... I am terribly picky regarding the smallest of things. It took me over 5 months of going back and forth to design my engagement ring. But the result is that I can go through albums of engagement rings without feeling any remorse about my choice. The goal is to reach that same point with my dress.

    The theme of our wedding is going to be Starry Night and the reception is going to be Doctor who, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy crossover. So yeah, go crazy and show me what you find in this thread. I've got to get the ball rolling on this so I have ample time to find the dresses in store to try them on.
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  2. I'll start looking...maybe. :p

    $5k for a dress?!
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  3. 3rd
    I have no experience with this =P
  4. That's the max =P
    I want to nail down a design before I penny pinch and dad said just don't go crazy. He knows I'll make it worth it.
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  5. I could give you the 5k rupees right now. :p
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  6. Why not just wear a suit and make moose wear a dress lol xD
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  7. He's already been fighting to wear a dress. But no, I'm wearing a dress. I can worry about what he's wearing later.
    This is just one of those times I show my girly side.
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  8. Even if they did that they would still have to buy a dress for moose. :rolleyes:
  9. ignoramoose (I think)
  10. Thanks
  11. What color does it have to be?
  12. :)
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  13. Wear a suit and an eagle mask. Then, spend 5k on gold lining in the suit to make it worth your buck. Then, at last, you can be as glorious as my avatar.

    Of course, that was a joke, unless you want to show up at your wedding dressed as an eagle in a suit.

    Honestly, I recomment whatever you think suits you best. My parents went for something simple - they chose white everything. That means white tie, white dress, white suit, white heels, white everything. Just choose a concept and go from there.
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  14. Umm.. hiw about a white dress with a blue train?
  15. I could lend you one of my dresses. They are bright, colorful and I have the matching socks. Just say the word :)

  16. Price Range : $3000-$5000
    Includes: The Fit-n-Flare and Mermaid silhouette that you wanted, the sweetheart neckline, and the bottom of the dress is not too big and it flows extremely well with the top of the dress.

    Price Range : $3000-$5000
    Includes: Fit-n-Flare and Mermaid silhouette, and a sweetheart/strapless neckline. The entire dress flows really well in my opinion.

    From the same designer as dress 2.

    Price Range : $3000-$5000
    Includes: Fit-n-Flare and Mermaid silhouette, and a sweetheart/strapless neckline. This dress has a bit more floral design in it, if you're looking for something more on the modern end.

    Price Range : $3000-$5000
    Includes: Fit-n-Flare and Mermaid silhouette, and a sweetheart/strapless neckline. I feel like this dress could be kind of a combination of dresses 2 and 3, has the beautiful patterns but they are not as out-standing as the ones in dress 3.

    I'll find more in a bit, let me know if you want the links to the vendors.
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  17. I'd love links to dresses 1 and 2
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  18. Alright, one moment.