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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you guys something! I wanna help, or support the server if you will. So, I'm giving a guide! Do you have problems with having to pay your vault? Well I have an answer! You need to get more vaults. How do I get more? Well, I have an answer! You need Vault Vouchers. I don't really know how to get them, but thats how you get MORE vaults. I had 2, I used 1 to get an extra vault. But I sold 1. I used it in an auction. It ended already. Here's the link thou: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/auction-1-vault-voucher-only-1.54637/. You can have a double chest! (That's how many boxes in 1 vault) Anyways, thanks for reading on how to get more vaults!
    (PM me if you need more help)
  2. You can get Vault Vouchers from voting. Every 20 streak gets you one Voucher. Or, you can get them from events, or buying them from other players.

    If you don't want to buy a Voucher then you can simply use the /vault expand command for only 10,000 rupees to expand your vault by one.

    Having five vaults means free access at any time to any of your vaults.
  3. Thanks for helping out my Thread, FDNY21.
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  4. You left out a lot of good information about vaults.

    Like heres the whole guide to it.


    You can only open your vault(s) in /town or shop worlds, so it won't work in the OutBack ;)

    The command to open your vault is /vault . But if you have multiple vaults you type /vault # to open the other vaults.
    /vault info is just to list how many vaults you have

    Opening Cost

    It currently cost 10 Rupees to open your vault, but once you obtain 5+ vaults its then free. Your vault is always free on /utopia but then 10r fee lasts 5 minutes before you pay the fee again.


    When you start EMC ( Empire Minecraft ) you start with a single vault ( 1 ). The size of these vaults is 1 DC ( Double Chest ). If you want another vault you can type /vault expand and it will cost 10,000 rupees; or you can get a vault voucher ( http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/vault-voucher/ ) by either voting or buying it from another player.

    But if your a supporter ( Iron, Gold, Diamond ) heres the maximum vaults you can upgrade to by /vault expand

    Supporter Purchase Limits(top)

    Iron Supporter: 5 pages
    Gold Supporter: 25 pages
    Diamond Supporter: 50 pages

    Naming Pages(top)

    Trying to keep track of your vault pages by number can be a pain. Fortunately you can name your pages with something you will remember.

    /vault name pageNumber newName - Name a page of your vault. Example: /vault name 2 redstone
    /vault pageName - Open a vault page by name. Example: /vault redstone
    /vault name pageNumber - Resets the name of that page.

    Thats the whole thing for vaults, think this should be included ;)
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  5. Great, thanks for the help!