[AUCTION] 1 Vault Voucher (Only 1!!)

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by wonderwoman_16, Jul 15, 2015.

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to do an Auction! Thanks to the idea - ShelLuser, when he saw auctioning it in the server, and then he told me.. (I call him Shelly or ShellyLuser.) Thanks for the idea!! Anyways, down below is all the information you need to know! Yes, I know what this is. It increases your vaults. I used 1, it's incredibly useful. Anyways, look down below for more information!! (P.S. I only have 1, so hurry and get it!!)

    Item: (Only 1) Vault Voucher
    Starting Price: 5,000R.
    Minium Bid Increase: 200R.
    Ending Time: 2 Days (48 hours) after the last bid.
    Pickup Information: SMP2, (/smp2), HelloKittyRo-3, or HKRoMM. (/v HelloKittyRo-3, or /v +HKRoMM.) From, HelloKittyRo (Colors and stuff started glitching)
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  2. Don't bump under 3 hours and 5k
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  3. 6k.

    (I have bidded; not paid you 6k).
  4. Those are supporter vouchers. These are vault vouchers to add another vault page. :)

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  5. You got me.
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  6. 10.5k
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  7. One that increases how many vaults you have..
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  8. Please only post answering questions regarding the auction, or a minimum of 3 hours after the last post.
    This auction does not end tomorrow, It ends 48 hours after this post.....
    Please take on board what other players are saying, they are trying to help you :)
  9. Notice: I may be bumping, but it's past 3 hours. Anyways, I wanna tell you stuff! First things first, thanks for bidding!!!!! Also, 1 last thing
    Recent (last) comment/bid: 10.5k-Bid By:ChumMiner. (Can you beat that?)
  10. This is an illegal bump. As explained before, please only bump 3 hours after the last post - which is visible at the bottom of the last post.
  11. Congartz! YOU WIN!!!! Come pickit up at my res today.
  12. No, no, no, 48 hours = 2 days.

    Enzo made his bid a little more than 24 hours ago, so one more day to go. Tell you what: I'll warn you about the winner tomorrow in that PM we're having :)
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