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  1. How do you control 2 different alts at the same time? I have seen people control both lately. I want to transfer my labor bench without mailing it to my main account. Do you need 2 computers at the same time? (I don't have that many). :p
  2. Nope, just open Minecraft twice. I have two open currently; my task bar looks like this:

    You'd have to alt+tab out if you're using fullscreen, but I just pause the game and click the other window. :)

    Another option is to drop the labor bench in a chest on your res.
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  3. Pffft Nub. Only 2? I have 4 going on my PC :)
  4. I don't have much experience on this field but because an alt is basically another Minecraft account you should be able to treat them as if they were another player. So I think the most obvious thing you can do is give them an admin flag on your residence. That would allow the ALT to do everything which you can do yourself, which kind of makes senses to me. So, while standing on your residence: /res pset <name of your alt> admin true.

    And the usual disclaimer: please do be careful with this command since it would give the other player full control over your residence. If you don't trust your ALT with this (though I wouldn't know why not) then you can also consider giving them the container flag: /res pset <name of your alt> container true. Then all they can do is open your chests, in this case to take out the promo.

    Of course: replace true with remove to actually remove the flag(s) again. It will also remove mentioning of your alt entirely. So if this is about keeping your alt a secret then yeah: you can set a flag and remove it after which the ALT won't be mentioned on your residence at all. (most players replace true with false, which wouldn't remove the flag).

    Finally, as mentioned above, you can use a chest with an access sign above it as well. Seems like the most obvious choice if you want to keep things a secret, because you can place this, your alt can grab their stuff and then you simply remove all the evidence and no one will be the wiser.

    Hope this helps!
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  5. Do you open the grass block icon twice or the crafting bench?

    Edit: I have a mac and it won't let me open 2 grass blocks or crafting benches. How do I open 2?
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  7. Got 8 currently =P

    Edit: yes Magic launcher is your best odd in managing many other accounts.
  8. Pfft, nub lord - I have 8 running on my PC
  9. The grass block is the launcher and the crafting table is the client, which appears once you click the grass block and click "Play" on the launcher. Once that's loaded, you can right click the grass block and click "Quit", making the little light below it disappear (closing the hidden launcher). Then you can click the grass block again, select a different user, click "Play" again, and it will summon another crafting table, i.e. another client.

    There might even be a way to set it to keep the launcher open after clicking "Play", where there might be a faster way to do it, but the way I described is the way I do it, anyhow. Hope that helps.
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  10. Awesome! Thanks Uber_Corq! Now I can multitask on both servers.. hehe ;)
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  11. I had 2 alts i would argue between both of them :p argueing with myself
  12. Slightly OT, but all y'all who have alts, you're just purchasing additional copies of Minecraft?
  13. That's exactly it.
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  14. Open one account as normal and log in to the server, then to open the next account open a new launcher and click Switch User, the first time you do this you will need to enter log in details for that user, i.e the email and password for that account and click play, then click play again and log into the server.

    Both accounts can use the same profile [1.8.x] etc.

    Players that have more than one account logged in can only control one account at a time, but it is useful is you need one to activate mobs in a grinder while doing other things with the other account.

    Hope this helps
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  15. 3 accounts here :p