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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to do something a little different! So, You know how EMC is a Blog? Well this is my blog inside EMC! I've always wanted my own Minecraft Server with my own forums! So, down below is all to know! AND FIRST 5 COMMENTS RESERVED! :)

    Have you always wanted to be a staff member? Well, here ya go!
    • Owner - Example: [OWNER] HelloKittyRo: (my post)
    • Community Manger (Admin Rank) - Example: [COMMUNITY MANGER] HelloKittyRo: (my post)
    • Admin (normal) - Example: [NORMAL ADMIN] HelloKittyRo: (my post)
    • Moderator - Example: [MODERATOR] HelloKittyRo: (my post)
    • Moderator in training - Example: [MOD IN TRAINING] HelloKittyRo: (my post)
    • Helper - Example: [HELPER] HelloKittyRo: (my post)
    • Moderator: Senior Staff - Example: [SENIOR STAFF MOD] HelloKittyRo: (my post)
    • Helper: Senior Staff - Example: [SENIOR STAFF HELPER] HelloKittyRo: (my post)
    More information about staff members and if you wanna be one is in the 2nd comment. :)

    So, when players join, we do have some ranks for them too! Sadly, they're all in white :( Sorry!
    • Beginner
    • Normal Member
    • Well-Known Member
    • Active Member
    • Helper!
    So, after you hit active member, then you get helper! And you don't even need to apply for it!

    You're probably wondering, how do I create threads? Well, the same you always do! You just tittle them like this!: [STAR BLOG THREAD] and your tittle name!!
    Auction Threads: [AUCTION] Your auction name [STAR BLOG THREAD]

    And yes, Star Blog is the name of this Blog!!! :)

    So, I said I've always wanted to have my own server, did I? Well, on Utopia, is where my server is! It's titled "Star Blog Server Res, Welcome!" It's /v HelloKittyRo-2 on Utopia! So excited! This is where it takes place. More information about this in the 1st comment.

    Well, that's all I have to say for now! Will be edited if I come up with more things soon!!


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  2. Server information:
    The server location is on Utopia, with /v HelloKittyRo-2. The residence is where we work on things and we build for Star Blog.

    Only Staff members can get permissions. But they have to be trusted. Teams CANNOT have permissions, but they can have [+use] to get to the base for teams.

    This residence will be used for Star Blog as if it where to be a server, and we'll use it like a survival server. A normal one.

    -More to be added soon.
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  3. Staff information:
    Apply for staff: http://emc.gs/conversations/hellokittyro. Don't post in the comments you want to be a staff member. Please, PM HelloKittyRo.

    Questions to apply:
    What is your username?
    What can you build? (Show me pictures)
    Why do you think you'll be a good staff member?
    Are you a staff member on EMC currently, or are you retired?
    What's your rank? (Iron, Gold, or Diamond Supporter?)
    Do you like Star Blog?
    Why do you think this is a Good Blog, and how you'd help around it?
    Who is the owner of Star Blog?

    Once you answer those, we will see what rank you get and hopefully you got it :)

    Staff Members:
    [OWNER, ORIGINAL] HelloKittyRo
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  4. Teams information:
    • Contribution Team
    • Star Blog Team
    Yes, we do have teams! I loved EMC's Contribute Team so I have my own! :)

    Team Members of Contribute Team:

    Team members of Star Blog Team
    [LEADER] HelloKittyRo

    More to be added soon on teams!
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  5. Reserved for future post.
  6. Reserved for future post.
  7. I am very confused. Is this a blog? A blog is a website where you post your opinions on topics and what you're up to :p a bit like an extended Facebook. Is it a server? From what I understand it's a residence on Utopia that people can "join". If that's the case would a "Town Outpost" be a better things to call it? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Does all "server chat" take place in /c r? I don't think EMC Staff will like it if you are calling yourself Senior Staff in public chat.
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  8. Now you've confused me.

    No, this is like a blog where we hang and talk about Minecraft.
  9. You can't say you are on EMC though. Using the title Senior Staff would be considered staff impersonation, no? Also, do you know what a blog is :p

  10. I know what a blog is.

    Senior Staff is for my group. Not for EMC.. EMC is whole different thing. Please, PM me. I don't want to keep repeating myself.
  11. I am very confused.
    This is not a blog.
    This looks more like one of the linkhubs that have been getting created recently.

    If this is what I think it is trying to be, you may want to put "blog info" or something of the sort like that in the OP.
    You can't give out ranks to other people for this blog, their status in game is their status on the forums (unless they are banned)

    What you have right now is something of a wiki, and if you do not explain why you have your name next to the Forum and IG ranks, it could be taken as impersonation of staff and you could be banned.
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  12. I think you may be getting the idea that a forum is the same as a blog. This, is a blog: jamesstudiesabroad.blogspot.com

    I also think in order to eliminate the repetitive questions, you should clarify exactly what you mean. I have read your posts three times over and am still a little bit confused as to how a utopia residence is a server, how the higher roles work, and in general the entirety of your post. Perhaps you should call your "staff members" something else, other than currently existing roles—something original?
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  13. As mentioned above by others, I have read this over but am still finding this confusing, and doesn't really seem like a blog at all...
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    • Tag is in the wrong place
    • This isn't a blog
    • Guessing "Star Blog" was copied from Starpuncher's blog in the writer's section where he/she writes about their real and minecraft life
    • You can not give out "staff ranks" on Empire Minecraft, even if they are for something else not related to Empire Minecraft as that is Staff Impersonation
  14. EMC is not a blog, rather, it is a Minecraft server. The forum is also not a blog. Just a forum.

    This is an... interesting concept, but it needs a lot of work. Also, I would revise... well, everything. A lot of it makes little to no sense whatsoever. So, give it a go: Edit the OP to make sense, clarify what you changed, and go from there.
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  15. LEL, this is funny stuff. I will join your blog Kitty. We can call it a blog just to confuse and drive other players batty. I would also like to be staff on your blog. Maybe if we used spanish words. For instance I could be administrar extrordinario. Or I could be moderador fantastico. What do you think?
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  16. isnt this advertising for another server....im so confused...are you advertising a new blog or a new server or what
  17. EMC is not a blog. EMC has a blog though, at blog.emc.gs. Go there and see what that is. See how the members post about random Minecraft things? It's just a collection of articles. I still believe that you are mistaken for what a blog is.
  18. Nope from what I understand she has a residence on utopia and she's making that her own "server". None of this has anything to do with a blog so I dunno.
  19. I think it's called make belief & mixed with a little imagination and the desire to "do" EMC I guess.

    I'll admit it is a bit different but I really don't see any harm in this at all, and I'd be very surprised if the staff would pick it up as such.

    She has you fooled ;) Kitty's 'server' is on Utopia, so no issues here.

    Well, I guess you could pick up this thread as a kind of blog I guess, but my guess is as good as yours.

    Either way, time to check out this new "server" :)