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  1. What's better than a cliche title to start off an introduction thread?

    Good to meet y'all! I'm Enigma, I'm mid-20's and a Public Affairs Sergeant in the U.S. Army. I've been playing on EMC since about 2014, but lost my previous account during migration from Mojang to microsoft, so I've restarted after what you could call an extended break.

    Quick background: have my degree in Business, a certificate in Social Media Marketing, and currently working on my masters, in the Army I'm currently work with Olympians in the military; and in my free time I also am a lead moderator in a 180K Pokemon Go community (my 2nd favorite game). I love to graphic design, and edit photos whenever I can.

    You'll be able to find me hanging out on SMP3; or in VC on Discord.

    Questions? Ask away!
  2. Hey Enigma! Welcome back. :D Let me know if you need anything!
  3. Nice! Anyways, welcome back to emc! Enjoy your stay. Also if you need help something, just ping me and i will be in touch! ;)
  4. Nice to meet you!
    What do you mean with this?
  5. Welcome back and happy New Year
  6. each branch of service in the USA has an athletics program that trains Soldiers/Airmen/Marines to become Olympic Athletes.
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  7. as a marine, i love that you didnt include navy.
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  8. Welcome to EMC! I'm in the Army, too, as a mechanic (I should have chosen the other MOS that was offered, which was intelligence analyst)! Since you have a degree and you're working on another, are you going to become an officer?

    *cough* similar uniforms before OCP *cough*
  9. Oops, I usually just ignore coastguard ;)
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  10. Did I read Pokémon go?
  11. You did!