Hello My name is HawkFye this Is my First Post :D

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by HawkFye, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. :cool:I like playing minecraft, and i've been playing infedev and classic and then beta now it is out and this server is amazing i will be glad to have lots of fun :D
  2. Hey I was on when you joined! Can't rememeber which server it was though… -.-
    Welcome to EMC anyways. :)
  3. Well, Welcome to EMC. I have been here a good amount of time and loved it and hope you do as well. I enjoy seeing new people doing introduction threads so we can count how many people join not just leaving ones.

    May I ask, what Server do you reside?
  4. Well man welcome to the Empire!

    We all hope your time here will be as fun as ours!
  5. smp7
  6. Welcome! Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself thus-far
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  7. I keep reading your name, it looks like hawkeye, its hawkfye though.
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  8. You WILL have fun. Great people, great community. Welcome!
  9. Happy to have you here, welcome to EMC and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask. :)
  10. EMC is an amAzing Community so be sure to stick around and if your from smp7 check out the smp7 Jungle Outpost
  11. Hey dude...
    Just want to say that you are not a newb if you played infdev :p
  12. Welcome at EmpireMinecraft! Of you need any help, juist ask me :)
  13. Hey, I hope you will have fun,
    already claimed a res?

    Welcome! :D
  14. (Smp1 is the best server btw)
  15. -Cough- Smp3-Cough-
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  16. I guess the are all good :)
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