Hello! I'm PusheenTheHKRCat, or HelloKittyRo's ALT!

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  1. Hi everybody! So, you all know me as HelloKittyRo. But now.. I'm her ALT! I will be switching back and forth between accounts, doing the best I can. Please do not private message me on this account, or do anything. Please do all of that with HelloKittyRo, my ALT. I will not respond to any private messages, profile posts, or comments. [Maybe Comments.]-Anyways, please do all of that with HelloKittyRo. It's very hard to manage both accounts and I'm trying the best I can. Thank you, and have a nice day!
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  2. Hello PusheenTheHKRcat. ;)
  3. Hi
  4. gnarl·y
    NORTH AMERICANinformal
    difficult, dangerous, or challenging.
    "she battled through the gnarly first sequence"
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  5. Ummmm still don't get it
  6. Two Kittys for the price of 1! ^.^
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  7. I sell for 12833848;75798579845-4357843-578435-97843-57896473-97/643956732 rupees, honey.
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  8. I'd like you to know that that is not a number. :p
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  9. Why do we need a whole thread for this?
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  10. Welcome, I guess :p
  11. It's slang. In this context it meant "radical" or "awesome"
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  12. Alright, so if I did this correctly:
    12833848; (I assume this is one choice)
    75798579845-4357843 = 75794222002
    75794222002 - 578435 = 75793643567
    75793643567 - 97843 = 75793545724
    75793545724 - 57896473 = 75735649251
    75735649251 - 97 = 75735649154
    and finally:
    75735649154 / 643956732 ≈ 117.6 ≈ 118r

    HelloKittyRo and her alt cost 118r, any bidders? :p
  13. nope. my alt costs 2949588868594579065409859078398678476783780
  14. Psssst, don't you think we should first divide? Order of operations ;)
  15. noooooooooo :oops:
  16. Okay then... :p
  17. Welcome... :cool:
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  18. Another kitty joined, so does this one have a personality different from HelloKittyRo