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  1. I've found some land I would like to work on. In the wilderness frontier that looks to be abandoned. I would like to restore the area and make repairs. Can anyone help me figure this out? Can I claim that area?

    I repaired a few things and added torch's. But the place is pretty much destroyed from mining and mobs. Just so people know. If you own this land and have been working in this area. I don't intend to mess up anything. I just set up small place to stay till I can figure out if anyone is still around.
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  2. It should be fine to build on, how far out is it?
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  3. We found something similiar in the nether and what we did was look for any chests with names or something and the /pinof that name to see how long they've been offline. Our area has no user online for a month and we PMd staff to get approval.
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  4. I recommend PMing staff on this as ThaKloned mentioned to get approval on building here.
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  5. If it's less than 5000 blocks from an EMC outpost, theres no set rules against building there that I'm aware of. As long as you don't make something unusable or remove blocks/items.

    To "claim" something as an official established outpost, you would need to get ahold of original owner or mods involved. You'd also have to meet all the other criteria such as 5000 blocks from an EMC outpost and 3000 from anything visible.

    If it's not an official claim, you still wouldn't want to have someone return and be upset with you. I'd look for any names you can find, or locked chests. If you can't find any, a mod can check who built something. I hear as part of their frontier cleanup process they will even remove locked chests if it's been 6 months in some cases.

    My community farm was built off a horribly griefed island. All the walls are still there, I just took down the bad words written in dirt and the signs mentioning my mother. Since I just added on and everything is equally or more usable, I can't really get in trouble for using island. I hope they do return one day and are happy.
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  6. This area wasn't marked in any way. Except the torch's in mines below.
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  7. its right on the line. right next to the no build area
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  8. I suggest against building anything that close to the protected area. Although players are not supposed to destroy things, some do, and the closer you are, the more chance of it being your build that gets destroyed. Also, the area directly beside the protected zone is sometimes reset, although it hasn't been done very often.

    I suggest you pick a road and walk for a couple of hundred blocks before even building a small house or farm. With a horse, it only takes a few minutes to get away from the badly mangled areas. Whatever you choose, welcome to EMC and enjoy your stay.
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  9. Plus my type of building is more of a rebuild the frontier kind of work. I got a little fancy setting up a home base. But My goal is to fill in pot holes and fix destroyed frontier landscape. I repaired a few paths so I can get around better and find my way easy. The area is destroyed with huge mines.
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  10. can your claim go along the protected area line? Also do you have to be 5,000 blocks out from the protection area line? Or is the line 5,000 blocks out? I want to find a legit claim close to town options
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  11. what do you mean
  12. 5000 blocks from spawn so most likely the 1st block is just outside the 'safe zone'.
  13. ok thank you I went with the safe bet and went scouting for land
  14. is there an easy way to count block distance?
  15. use the XYZ numbers using F3.
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  16. ok I'm also going to use dirt blocks. So if I end up on anyone's land I'm sorry. I'll remove them.
  17. Why would you use dirt blocks to count? :confused:
  18. I'd suggest writing down the x,y,z just after the game says your leaving the protected zone. Run out a day or two and check the x,y,z. Do a little math and see how far you are. Live there a while and see how ya like it. I had a place about 3000 out that never got messed with. I did have to leave it eventually to get out at least 5000 blocks to get a claim. 200 block or 2 days out or just out side the protective zone, just have fun! Imo there are a lot of different blocks to build with. Experiment!
  19. dingo585 i can not play for a long time i lost my computer just so you know i did not leave doom empire