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  1. Hi there!

    I recently started playing minecraft on a friend's server, but I wanted a more active community that felt comfortable and Empire Minecraft fit that shoe. I'm not into PvP, so not having a focus on that was important. I'm enjoying it so far, I'm building half of Bag End on my plot in town and have been spending a lot of time in the Wastelands. I haven't been to the Frontier yet.

    IRL I'm 27, married, and an in-progress author and artist. Minecraft has been a bit of a distraction recently, so I'm trying to tone it down, but I hope I can be involved in the community :)

    Looking forward to seeing you all around!
  2. Welcome! I discovered EMC last August while looking for a server for my kid. After just a couple of days I bought my own MC account and have been an active EMC member ever since. Hope you enjoy your stay. I'm usually found on smp9. Feel free to ask if you have any questions or need any help.
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  3. Nice to meet you, LeftJab! I hope you enjoy your time on EMC and maybe I'll see you around.
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  4. Welcome to EMC ;) If you need anything please ask!
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  5. Hello! Sorry I was a bit late to the conversation but welcome to EMC! As you can see, the community is made up of alot of nice and welcoming people, if you need any tips and tricks, feel free to ask (especially the mods, the mods know all, and I mean you Eviltoade!)! Though my native smp is smp3, you'll mostly find me on utopia breeding horses. It is a pleasure to meet you and I hope may stay here for a long time :)
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  6. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
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  7. Welcome to EMC!
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  8. Welcome to the Empire! :) Real life always comes before the games - but remember that whenever you want a break or want to chill on the servers, you always can!
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  9. Welcome to the Empire Minecraft :)
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  10. Hi Jab!

    First and foremost welcome to the Empire! Hope you're going to continue having fun here. You'll notice that EMC is quite the complex server, there's tons which you can do and set up, so my advice is definitely not to try and take it all in at once. I don't think you'll succeed :)

    That should always be possible: there are two sides to EMC (more or less). In-game and these forums; so even if you can't play you might still be able to keep taps on the community.

    Now, I don't want to pressure but do keep our derelict timer in mind. In short: if you don't come online on regular intervals (normally once every 30 days) you risk loosing your residence. Normally this is 30 days, but if you just started out it's shorter (10 days). So keep that in mind. This may sound a bit harsh but it has been put in place to make sure that the server doesn't fill up.

    Figured I'd mention it, just making sure you didn't overlook it.

    But yeah, hope you're going have fun! If there are some things unclear then be sure to ask us about it.

    Here's hoping we meet in-game sometimes.
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  11. Welcome to EMC and.... seems like you walked right past the doors of smp5. Smp1 is good though :rolleyes:
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  12. Welcome to the empire! Smp1 is a good choice, better than some others... *cough cough*
    Is you friend RightJab? :p I'm glad you like it here. :)
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  13. Hi LeftJab. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay :) and joking that goes on in the forums. ;)
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  14. Thanks for the explanation! I did see the board in the tutorial and definitely understand and respect that regulation :) I'll definitely be on at least once a week!

    Honestly, I had very little idea of what the different servers really meant (besides Utopia being for the super-special awesome sponsors/donators). So I just stuck with whatever plot I popped out on, haha. If there is a difference, I'd love to know about it. I could always claim/unclaim, from what I understand.

    If there is a way to change a username, I don't know about it, haha. This was my husband's account from years ago. When my friends started playing and begged me to play with them, I jumped on his account. Then they all got busy with school and surgeries. Jerks, I know ;)
    I think it has something to do with him being left handed, haha.
  15. Thanks for the welcome in-game! Never received a whisper before, haha!
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  16. Each server has their own 'band' of players who have plots there, everyones split over 9 "smp's" and utopia is for supporters to build afk farms on :p (Well, its what they do anyway). I live on 5 and in my biased opinion its the best by far :rolleyes:
    You can change your username by going to mojang.com, account, log in, then log in :), then you'll see next to minecraft your name and next to it change. Hit change and enter in the new name :D
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  17. You thought you scared me off, but I got every one of your references before I even saw your comment! I'm an avid Let's Play and Game/Film Theorist viewer, so I'm with ya.
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  18. Thanks for explaining that :) Maybe once I've settled I'll jump around and see what's up! Also with the username, too! Maybe I'll change it, maybe not. If it has to be unique then I'm sure the names I default to are probably taken.
  19. Welcome!
    Smp6 is somewhat more mature and has several of the best shops on EMC.
    And the first EMC (experimental) barter shop (/v 12163).
    Frontier is for the "real" Minecraft - building bases, outposts, farms, transport systems, ...
    Have fun! :)
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