Hello, I'm D4rk!

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  1. Although I have been a member of EMC for over 2 years now, I have never gotten too in depth with the forums. Today I hope to change that by taking the first step and introducing myself! Well, I am D4rkReturns, although you can just call me Dark. I am a great person to be around, one, because I am hot, two, because I am awesome, and yes, cockiness is one of my traits. I am 16 yrs old, so there is no need to show too much restraint ;) I am just kidding, but anyways, I am just happy to be apart of emc, I love everyone on here, and I am ready to start contributing to the community in more ways then sitting on my res and walking in circles!
  2. Welcome to EMC Forums :D
  3. Nothing relevant here, but I just want you to know that my mind tries to make the "4" in your name a pronounced.. so I kinda read "dorkreturns" when I read your username :p
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  4. Heya Dark, welcome to the Forums. :)
    Side Note: I'm a super hot amphibian, so I got that going for me too.
  5. Welcome to the forums Dark!

    Sadly, I'm not hot like you because I'm too cool to be hot. :cool:
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  6. Hi Dark. Welcome to the forums. :) I'm cool too, but it is cold up here in BC :eek: and I'm getting old. :rolleyes::p Enjoy your time on the forums. ;)
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  7. Sounds nice, I hope to see you around here more often!
  8. Welcome to the EMC forums! :)
  9. Welcome to the forums :D
  10. Welcome to the forums Dark! Well then hope to see more of you on here :)
  11. smp4 rules!!
  12. and what is wrong with walking in circles on a res all day? I sometimes like to ask ppl to come and tell me what they think of my two iron blocks and my sheep...

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  13. Oi! Welcome to the forums :p
  14. Welcome to the forums. :)