Hello I'm Battymonster new to minecraft and love it so far

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  1. Beware of smp8 ;)
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  2. Hmm I scroll back up but I don't see any quote buttons or links to click
  3. I was checking out some peoples house in town saw some awesome stuff, including houses with teleporters. I've never seen teleporters in vinilla. Anyone know how you make teleporters?
  4. You stand on the spot you want to tp to and type /res tpsign. Then go to the spot you want the teleporter to be and place a sign with 'teleport' on the top line. Leave the rest blank and wham! You can click the sign and teleport. Placing a pressure plate above the sign works ;)
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  5. Thanks for the info :)
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  6. At the bottom right of every single post, it has the "like" and "reply" buttons. Click reply and it will quote it in your text box. You can do this to any amount of replies on the thread so that you can reply to them all at once, if need be.
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  7. First: don't take my post the wrong way. If you're wondering about something you can always ask.

    But having said that I'd still like to point your attention to our wiki, it contains just about everything you might like to know about the Empire. From the rules, to all the promo items right down to things such as feature signs. Teleporting is but one feature, how about sending the people who active it a message? ;)

    Anyway, figured I'd mention it.
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  8. I know I'm late but better late than never right? :D

    /title battymonster title {"text":"Welcome to EMC!!!","color":"gold"}

    I also know this will only work on single player with cheats enabled, but if I could do it I would...
    This simply prints out "Welcome to EMC!!!" if your wondering...
    My home is on smp2 if you need help with anything... :)
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  9. Aye, another command whizz :rolleyes:
  10. Now I get it thx :)

    Cool beans, like the gold :)
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  11. There you go :D No worries!
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  12. hi come to smp 2 when u are free and try out the fishing lake
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