Hello EMC! Total noob here!!

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  1. I finally bit the bullet. After many years, I've started exploring Minecraft and no surprise-I'm hooked. Decided to check out multi player and this seems like such an awesome community! I've been playing single player for around 3 weeks, so if anyone is around that enjoys "teaching" let me know! Love multiplayer games, so I'm pretty excited to get building.

    Normally I'm a PS gamer, other games include Skyrim, Don't Starve, Battlefield, Destiny and AC. Have to say though, I've been on the PC a lot lately researching and knocking down blocks ;) Looking forward to getting started!
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  2. Welcome to EMC nat! Hope you enjoy your stay and will maybe see you around. :)
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  3. Welcome to the Empire! You're really going to enjoy it here, we have a great community with lots to do :) If you need any help then there are people on all servers that will be willing to help if you ask a question in town - alternatively, you can ask us all right here on the forums or consult the wiki at wiki.emc.gs :) The wiki will tell you all that you need to know about all of the items, attractions, locations and so much more at the Empire... Again, if you're unsure, you can go there or ask us :D Enjoy your time!
  4. Hi Peach. Welcome to the Empire. What server are you on? I'm on smp3, if you see me on and need help, just let me know. ;) We were all total noobs when we started. :eek: Enjoy your stay. :)
  5. Hi and welcome. We all started as noobs, so you're no different from the rest of us ;)
    I'm sure you'll enjoy it here - if you need anything just ask :)
  6. Welcome! This is indeed an awesome community! ;)
    I hope you'll have fun here, and know that there are always people willing to help :)

    I'd like to think I wasn't ;)
  7. First of all a warm welcome to Empire Minecraft.

    <raises hand>

    The best suggestion there is when you're just beginning: don't try to take it all in at once. Trust me: a lot of us (myself included) been there, done that and we failed ;) EMC is just way too complex for that. Fun part: it was almost a year ago when I tried, and in the mean time there have been a lot of new features added.

    Second tip: remember the /assist command. You can also carry the compass with you but this will do as well. It gives you guided access to the most commonly used EMC commands. Things like going back to your res. (/home), going to another server (/smp#, where # is a number between 1 to 9), opening your vault (/vault), etc.

    We have an excellent new player guide, could be a good read. And well, the reason I raised my hand is because I help plenty of people. If you're interested; here is an overview of all the guides I wrote so far (the most current ones excluded, I always add them at a later time). Could be useful as well.

    So yeah, I hope you're going to have a great time. I think you'll find that although EMC does differ from single player it also has many ties into it. It's IMO truly vanilla+. Once you're out in the Frontier (non-resetting building world) and/or the Wastelands (occasional resetting mining world) you'll be on your own.. Well, you and the hostile mobs ;)

    It sounds to me as if you'll fit right in :)

    Hope you're going to enjoy it here!
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  8. Welcome to the Empire!
    Hope you enjoy your stay! Heck, we are all noobs at heart. I still learn things every day.

    The best things to master, is /waste for collecting resources (where you can do /waste sw to go to the southwest waste spawn point, similar for any other direction -- or /wnether for the nether, etc...) and /map which gets you to the livemap.

    Your res in town is protected (if you do not give out flags/permissions) so you can store things there. Just mind the derelict policy and you will be fine :).

    Also, look around player shops with /v +shop -- it will help you get 'used' to the market and what is in demand as well as prices.

    Check out various SMPs, as each has a different 'feel' to them :D.

    Anyhow, always remember don't be shy asking questions! Feel free to convo me if you wish!

    Also PS as in the Playstation?

    See ya around!
  9. Welcome to emc, natdapeach! :)
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  10. Welcome to the empire and if you got any questions just /p , me to find me and i will help you
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  11. Welcome! I hope you consider smp8 as a good home :).
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  12. Welcome to the Empire! Have a great time, and don't be afraid of asking anyone any questions!
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  13. Welcome Aboard! You are correct. You did find the good one. A proverbial needle in a hay stack.
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  14. Thank you all so much! Super stoked. Going to do some reading up on this whole server business. Otherwise I think EMC makes it very easy to find your way around and help out with directions! Whatever magicians put the tutorials together, bless you ;)
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  15. Welcome to the community :)

    (Xbox is better lol)
    I play Destiny too occasionally!
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  16. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  17. Best thing to do, is toss off the armor, and spend some time looking around and running to and from, before really 'playing'. First hand experience is always better than reading about it!

    Please though, keep in mind, if another player built it or collected it, don't touch it ;).

    But, then you can die multiple times and not worry about a thing.

    Great thing, is that you never lose your XP when you die.
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  18. Best thing to do on EMC is just make friends... I spend most of my time just talking in town chat :)
  19. I think I'm on server 7? Got this pretty, green empty lot. Itching to start creating, but I think I should look around a little first ha :D
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  20. Welcome to EMC nat! hope you like it here. nice that your are a building enthusiast :) be sure to vote(/vote) on the websites to get rupees(EMC's currency) for buying materials from other players to build or you can gather them at /waste. tip: buy a silk touch pick and a enderchest(universal chest, look more here) for mining or gathering stuff, this is just incase you die so you don't loose your stuff. also if you die type in chat /deathlog to see your death coordinates( you can look at by pressing f3), so you can pick up back your stuff
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