Hello Emc! :D ^_^

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  1. Hi Emc community I am a experienced minecraft player, I have played many servers and I have found yours. I like the economy and I like pvp as well, I would love to participate in the economy servers and I have played in many other economy. I hope I can meet you all one day! :D ^_^


    Ps. I like Promos! :D ^_^
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  2. Ack why that Font it hurts my eyes
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  3. xD I changed it
  4. I like your alt :p
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  5. lol i was thinking the same thing XDDD
  6. Welcome SirGold_:)
    May I ask what smp did you land on?
  7. I am not his alt lol
  8. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
  9. Welcome to the empire minecraft :D
  10. Welcome to the empire if you like PvP feel free to come to my PvP deathmatch event.
  11. SirTah, why did you remove your post? This is a bit suspicious.
    Anyway: whether you're a new player or an alt: welcome!
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  12. Hi SirGold. welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  13. Welcome to Empire Minecraft, hope you'll enjoy your stay :)