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  1. Well I never made an introduce myself thread so here it goes.

    Hey, I'm Rman92011, I enjoy many games such as dota 2, minecraft (duh) and The Binding Of Isaac. If you want to add me on steam, my username is Rman920 there :).

    And for the goodbye.

    This is my 475th day on EMC. I haven't been playing much recently, but I logged on today to check out the promo. As soon as I logged on I realized that I should've logged on more as someone had forceclaimed my residence. I realize that it was my fault it got claimed, and I regret not logging on, but I was very upset to see what was lost. I had lost 5 beacons and the iron blocks to go with. I had 2.5 DCs of enchanted books I planned to give away on my 500th day and some assorted promo items. Now it's all gone, and i've decided this is most likely the end of my time on EMC. I don't expect sympathy as I take complete responsibility for what happened, it was my fault that i didn't log on. As stated above, if you want to play other games with me or something, you can just add me on steam. I will still be on the forums because I love this community, but i doubt you guys will see me in game for awhile.

    Also, since i believe i never got around to it, this is the time for an A.M.A.

    If mods believe this is in the wrong section, please move it.

    Farewell, the times i played were awesome. Thanks for all the awesome times, but all great things must come to and end. See ya guys around.
  2. Shame to hear about your residence :/
  3. Yeah I know. It was a nice shop too. I realize that it wasn't against the rules or anything, I just kind of wish the guy that force claimed it would've been a bit more respectful of the building and pm'd me first or something.
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  4. Yeah it's what I would have done :/
  5. No rman!! Thats terrible. Do you have skype or something to keep in contact?
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  6. Too bad for ur res man :( , I mean what a waste! That guy who force claimed it must have felt guilty
  7. I do have skype, and I guess I should probably keep it on now lol. My skype is the same as my in-game name.

    I'm not sure how long I was gone, but it couldn't have been for that long of a time after 14 days. I just hope the guy that force claimed it has a good use for it.
  8. Well, I don't want to say I told you so, since I am upset too :(
    I have one of thee beacons at ny residence, I took it to use it for some time ._.
    I wonder who could have forceclaimed it :confused:
  9. That 10 days (now 15 days) derelict was established when the servers were full and one could not find a free res.
    It really is a very short time compared to the time that some people invest in the game and their res.

    It would be nice if the server could count the blocks on the res - except dirt - and calculate derelict time based on that.
    So empty res with nothing on it would have 10 days derelict time and a large building perhaps 100.
  10. We are planning on adding more ways to earn derelict days and ways to save your residence, including voting for the server as an alternate way if you can't sign in for a specified time. :)
  11. This would require the server to constantly keep track of every block of every res and continuously count all of them every [designated time frame]. This time frame would need to be short because it would be a shame for Player A to lose his res because the server did not count one block at a certain second.

    This would destroy server resources. Also, while big builds are amazing and some creative builds are beautiful to looks at, just because there are a lot of blocks does not make it something that took a lot of time, or even that great to look at. Any just 128*60 block of a single block is not going to look very nice, but by this system, I just made a big build. And am protected. And why should someone who builds something like that give special rules over the one who may make something small and eloquent but still a creative masterpiece? Big does not always mean amazing. And small does not always mean bad. Yes, a big build could represent a large amount of time spent. But the key word is could.

    Its a shame when a player loses something they created. If there were a system that could protect everyone forever and we could realistically just make more res's, we would. But we cant. The best thing to do is to promise protection to those that play. 15 days really seems like the average breaking point of 'Im a regular player' to 'I may not be on for a LONG time, if ever'. If there is ever a point where a player knows they will be gone, a simple PM to any of our server admins will give their creations their due protection. Its not like derelict policies are a secret. It is not like it is hard for them to even be bypassed at times when needed. This player even noted that he understood why it happened.

    If there were a way to really change the system that pleased everyone it would. But realistically some people just quit playing. So to make room for other new people to enjoy the fun of the Empire, we have to put things like the derelict policy into effect. And, by changing the system the way it has been changed, it frees up more time for the higher tier staff by making a more automated/player driven system.
  12. Interesting. I like the idea of not having to come on every week just to save my res. I do enjoy playing the game at times but sometimes you need to take a break from a game otherwise it will become more of a chore to play it just to keep stuff then to have fun.

    And yes I know some of you see me on at least once a day or so but that's just cause sometimes im bored and hop on for a sec and other times its cause im worried if I don't log on for a few days I might forget or something and then realize it when its to late. Like a previous server, on a different game that had similar conditions where I lost my ranking as number 1 with all the perks associated with it. However, that was mainly because steam wanted to tick me off and continue to crash every time I wanted to play the game and I didn't really want to reinstall steam and all my games just to fix it.

    It would also help for people who don't have access to the game for a while ie. having a terrible temp. computer that can't run minecraft or something where all they can do is access the website but don't want to lose all the work they put into their stuff, ect.
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  13. Actually, with our new policy, it's only two times a month. :)
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  14. lol I am still trying to remember the 15 days not 10.
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  15. My first thought was once a day just before or after the nightly reboot.

    I don't see why it would need to be shorter than a day. If the player is logged on, the res is protected anyway.

    Of course, no algorithm would ever be able to tell if a building is great to look at (or will be seen as nice in X days or years) ... or could it ... neuronal networks? ;)
    But, if you multiply the blocks with the average market price, you can get quite accurate value of the blocks on the residence in question.
    Whether someone would put a huge pile of diamond blocks just to get high derelict time span? Perhaps. But then, why does she/he want the protection? Probably to use the res in the future - and if she/he really wants it and puts effort in it, I guess it would be ok to grant that.
    (There are such residences already there even without that reason. :))

    Perhaps there could be two derelict modes, or even 3, depending on the count of free residences + count of residences with derelict status:
    A) high free count
    B) low free count
    C) no free residences
    ... perhaps with an e-mail sent to members in the case that the mode changes.

    There are many different reasons why someone could be absent for few weeks, and sometimes people can not plan and PM staff - for whatever reason. I think some protection, somewhere in range from 15 to 100 days could work to prevent losing a valuable res unintentionally.
  16. i kinda of agree with the current derelict system it only costs 5 dollars to keep your res a month and you can never log in again. additionally you only have to log in twice a month or keep pming an admin your sob story. some people (particularly on smp6) have claimed reses near spawn and do nothing with it. i recently forceclaimed one and plan to make a completely automated drop party room for everyone to use.

    remember we arent just getting these free, we are paying for them and require a free slot. while i understand that its sad to see some magnificent builds dissapear you also have to think about the inverse. smp6 spawn is almost entirely surrounded by incomplete/move restricted builds why shouldnt "i" an active player be allowed to show my work where everyones going to see it? because others logged on before me? no. there should be a way for players who have updated to protect their res from an updated client (i really like the voting idea) but sometimes those great abandoned buildings must be torn down for progress.

    i do however (and im not sure if the server does this) think it should be a full 15 days as in a full 24 hours passes on the 15th day. this would make it where you could log in exactly once a month (not really too much to ask)
  17. I don't entirely have a problem with the derelict system now. After all, I take all blame for being offline and not checking in. It's my fault, no one else's. My only problem is the person who took advantage of the system, seeing that such a great thing had been built there.
  18. Uh sorry but I can't fn your Skype :p
    Is your location listed?
    Sorry to see you go.
    I always liked seeing your avatar :)
    If you have four pencils and i have three apples, how many pancakes can we fit on the roof?