Hello, and Farewell.

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  1. How are you today EMC? It's been a while. Anyways, due to rather strict parents and a "bad" year test review, my father has made me uninstall every single one of my games.

    I never formally introduced myself. My name is karatekick2001. My alt is BubbleNinja13. I joined EMC a little more than a year ago. When I first logged onto EMC, I went straight to the wild; I made the best decisions ever, didn't I? Anyways, I obviously died, not knowing of live map back then. I completely raged and quit EMC for approximately 100 days, coming back during the summer of 2014 from being bored. I got used to everything, and I loved Empire Minecraft.

    I made some great friends from very basic beginnings. kati123456789 was one of my very first friends; we meet when we both embarked on a trip, led by WolfLeader16 (I'm ashamed, but I think that's not the right name...), to the enderman farm on SMP9. We bonded and became good friends shortly after.

    Ah, skyman1212. My most beloved friend on EMC. After seeing SweetMotherBunny's fascinating and entertaining firework, I asked someone to make one for me; that person was sky. We also got to know each other very well in the long run, and still are. We even have a nice, small museum (which is still not open due to recent health issues). Sky, I hope you continue to have fun on EMC, even without me. You also get all my stuff, including residences.

    sethumsMC was another great friend. I believe we started out one regular day, and just chatted for a while. He has followed me on my wildest adventures, and I have taken rides on his too.

    benthebobjr, another good friend. I met him after seeing sethumsMC join Ben's business, and decided to tag along. Keep being Canadian, my friend.

    TechNinja42, we had some good laughs, didn't we? I'm not even sure how we started, but one thing I'm sure of is that we are good friends. By the way, the chess board is done :p (download the 3D chess texture pack by SibSib92).

    Woblerbutsy102, AKA "The Mad Pearler." We met one day when I had finished a dinky pool on my even dinkier wooden house cube thing. We instantly had great times, and we still do.

    I'm sorry if I missed anyone, but know you have all lived on in my heart, truly. Sometimes, all you EMCans are better than my real life friends. When I say that, I mean like 80% of the time :p

    Well then, this is a farewell, EMC. I'll be active on the forums for as long as possible, and try to make it in-game once in a while. Please, do not ask for any free items or rupees.

    I hope I managed to live inside at least one of your hearts.

    EDIT: Dang it, still not longer than a Shel post!
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  2. Kill the tests next time around and come back soon. EMC is a blast but if it hurts you IRL then it isn't as fun to play.

    Keep voting - it'll preserve your res and everything on them. When you return you'll have a lot of rupees and materials waiting for you. :)

    We'll miss ya, but best of luck on your future endeavors.

    P.S. No worries about Shel - I'll be beating both of ya this weekend. :p
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  3. Aw I hate that you are leaving D: I hope you can come back and visit sooner or later. We definitely had some good laughs :) Rock those tests next year, and hopefully you can get back on. Best of luck in 'yer real life, have fun, you'll definitely be missed!
    Thanks for the good times Karate!

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  4. Sorry to hear that. Do well on your future tests. ;)
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  5. Aww! We never really met but I hate seeing well-known players leaving :( Try to get outstanding grades next year so you can come back to EMC ;)
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  6. I'm sad to see you go :(

    I hope you do better on your tests next time around, and get back on EMC!
    Give your next tests a karate kick ;)
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  7. I didn't even get a bad grade, but by my dad's standards...oh well. I didn't get to go back to my questions, so I "missed" like 3 from skipping them :L

    Thanks all for the responses.
  8. :( I'm quite sad to see you go, IB former-eagle-brother. I hope you come back someday. :)
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  9. Im sorry to hear you have to leave for a bit, just don't put EMC or any game before academics next time ;)

    Hope you start getting better grades on tests :)
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  10. Squak squak stupid summer homework too squaaaaak

    Thanks all for the replies. Hopefully, I'll be able to come on once in a while.
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  11. I truly hope things work out for you, man!
    Remember that you should always be able to talk to them, they love you.
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  12. Hi Karatekick!

    Awww, I saw the title, knew I had to respond no matter what, and... Sad news indeed..

    Although I can see where its coming from and as a elderly person I also can understand his motives. As Elfin said up there; IRL is more important than EMC. As much as you may hate or dislike it now, school is going to define your future (and believe me: I realize how utterly clichéd or lame that may sound, I really do...). But unfortunately it's still true.

    Can you have a 500rupee donation from me as bonus for when you get back? ;)

    Oh wait, I think that's usually meant the other way around. Oh well... It's too late now to edit, as I have already set my sights on hitting that more options button :)

    I, for one, am honestly sad to see you go like this. Even though, I have to be honest, I do side with your father here. If he thinks that games distract you too much then this is a logical step to take.

    HOWEVER.... Another clichéd oneliner I guess, but it still has truth in it: "All work and no play....".

    I'd also like to commend you Karatekick... I think you're also showing backbone by following up to your fathers wishes and not trying to sneak your way out of this (parents can be fooled and tricked, and I'm somewhat sure that you know it). Honestly; as much as I hate to see you go you also gained a lot of respect from me (and that doesn't come cheap) for doing the right thing here. I honestly don't like to see you go, but I do think you're making the right choice. And who knows... If you manage to get better scores next time you might get a little more freedom again.

    So... Another thing...

    I do hope you plan to come back, and if you do: make sure to stow your items into the /vault for safekeeping. I dunno how many vault pages you have, but that's a sure way to keep your stuff safe, even if you do go derelict.

    Vault pages don't come cheap (10k each) and because I know & like you I may also have another alternative. Dunno if this is goodbye already or if you got a little bit of leniency to "close" but... If you need it then I'm offering 4 - 6 DC's worth of storage in my vault (residence build). Warning: this is a matter of trust. You're basically storing your stuff at my place and you're putting trust in me for not nabbing stuff or going derelict myself. I can only say that neither option will happen but my word only goes so far. But if you need / want it, you got it.

    WARNING: my vault has one strict rule: if you manage to get yourself permbanned from EMC then I won't allow you to use my vault as an easy trick to circumvent EMC policy (if a permban appeal is accepted you start out clean, staff will remove all your stuff). Ergo: my vault follows that same policy. A permban means that I'll put up a lava bath and whack all your chests.

    Someone actually did try this approach (I think, but I won't / can't comment) and Senior Staff was awesome enough (aren't they always?) to help me out with my dilemma. Now I come prepared.

    Alas... Figured I'd mention it. Dunno if this is still an option to you, but if you need the space you got it.

    Ok, this officially made my weekend :)
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  13. Thanks, and for the storage, no worries. I'm going to keep voting for EMC ;)
    And thank you for the massive post X_X

    Dangit!!! SHELLLL
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  14. We'll be here when you're able to come back. Keep us updated on your studies/tests here in the forums, even if you can't join us in the game. And if, when you get back, you're starting from scratch I'll have a jump-start DC waiting for ya :D.
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