~Hello All of the empire!~

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Have You Met Me In Game play?

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Yes 11 vote(s) 55.0%
No 8 vote(s) 40.0%
Dont care 1 vote(s) 5.0%
  1. Well just to start this thing off I must say that I am not new i'm just over 225 days old. My home server/ starting server is the wondrous and most friendly Smp8! Um I joined Emc on March 22, 2013
    And i don't plan on going any where any time soon :p
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  2. Hello again MrGraywolf, enjoying smp8? :D
    SMP8 <3
  3. Hello MrGraywolf, you probably already know BlackKnight1021 and I pretty well from our time on Smp8.

    SMP8 <3
  4. Nice to meet you, MrGraywolf. I know I've fought you many a time in /v pvp. :) Welcome to the forums! :D
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  5. Pleasure to meet you! Haven't seen you in game as I'm on smp2 but maybe I will some time. :D
  6. Hehe ik most of ya and one day i hope to know all of the empire xD
  7. As I usually hang out on my home server (SMP 3) I haven't met you yet, but who knows. :)
  8. Heya MrGraywolf, cya tonight hopefully :)
  9. Hey MrGraywolf! I have definitely seen you around EMC a load, and will say you are 225 days new!
    Hehe, see ya down deep within the mines, say at a Y height of 9-12!
  10. Hey Hey Hey, nice to meet you, We will have to meet sometime in game :D
  11. Well, I'm a part of the empire, so get to know me! ;)
    You won't be able to meet me in-game (except at a major event like fire floor, if it's at the right time for me) but if you're frequently on the forums you'll definitely see me a lot.
  12. Nice to meet ya all :D Hope to see all of the empire one day... just one day:rolleyes:
  13. welcome! we have never met in-game and I look forward to do so :)
  14. Best place to be. SMP3 <3
  15. Hello MrGraywolf, it's nice to meet you.

    Your name looks familiar, have we met before? :p
  16. Im not sure Burger King :p And ulti ... i think you need to open your eyes a little bit more ;)
  17. Hey, you've probably not met me or probably did but I forgot about of it, I don't get online very much but i have still been on emc for a long time.