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  1. Alright ever since EMC has come out with head drops for almost every creature in MC, I've been use a Looting III sword on every grinder/xp farm I can find. Now I've only gotten heads form a Natural Zombie Pig farm, and none from my Iron Golem(Natural), Skelly (Spawner), Zombie (Spawner), and the Utopia Ender man farm.

    I'm I really unlucky or are there reasons why I'm not getting head drops on my farms?
  2. Only heads drop from naturally spawned mobs I believe
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  3. Then do u know why know one I asked have ever gotten a head from the Utopia Enderman Farm?
  4. A player has to do most of the damage,plus someone told me that only Endermen in the Wild will drop heads.
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  5. I'm pretty sure this is true. Enderman in the end might work but once again you need to do majority of the damage.
  6. I don't believe endermen from the end drop heads either.
  7. The amount of damage shouldn't matter because I get a lot of heads from zombie pigman and only need to hit them once per head
  8. I've heard of/seen every head dropped except of Mooshroom, Cave Spider, Villager, Iron Golem, and a Witch Head. They may be possible to obtain, but I don't know anyone who owns those specific heads. Also, they have to be naturally spawned mobs in order to get the heads, so Endertopia doesn't work(tested that), and spawners don't work. I may be wrong, but that's from what I've tested/heard.

    I think you should add two other heads that could be dropped by a Marlix/Momentus that's like 1/500 chance. That would be worth something to get. ;)
  9. Cave Spider will never happen, as it does not spawn outside of spawners.
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  10. Yup, that's why I've never seen one. :p
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  11. So you've seen an enderman head?
    Also, does a golem spawning in a village count a natural spawn?
  12. Okay Thanks everyone, heads drops are much clearer to me now.
  13. Yea I killed one on smp7 the night it came out and got the enderman head. Also golem spawning in a village and iron farms should work.
  14. there are definitely enderman heads, just look at deathtomb's res on smp9, he has a bunch of them
  15. the other option you have is to buy a bunch of alts, use skins that match the mob/animal you want, and then kill yourself repeatedly til you get your head

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  16. I'm also curious to know if it is possible to get wither heads from killing the wither. I doubt it's possible, but it's worth asking. :p
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  17. Yes, deathtomb has over 30 I believe. Im pretty sure iron golems are naturally spawned.
  18. Somone told me that you could change your skin to an enderman or something with a flat head and get your head. It looks the same.
  19. Yes, but it has no value.