Happy with Win7 or 8? Then be careful with updating it!

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  1. Hi gang,

    Are you running Win7 and you're happy with what you got? Then you might want to triple check your updates before installing because Microsoft has found new ways to spread Windows 10 awareness: by simply trying to upgrade your Windows installation to Windows 10 automagically.

    When upgrading be extra weary about: KB3083710 (this is marked as "important update") and KB2952664 (this is marked as optional update). Both basically update the Windows updater / updating service which opens the door for an automated Windows 10 installation.

    And finally KB3035583; this will install the actual "Get Windows 10" program (see here). Although the actual upgrade should be an optional one and also an "opt-in" (you need to select it in order to install it) many people noticed the exact opposite from happening.

    See also this article on The Register.

    So be careful guys... It seems that there are some pretty weird things going on.
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  2. im still rocking windows 7 and love it, not updating ever
  3. I'm using windows 7 on my desk top and love it. I had windows 8.1 on my laptop and was not happy with it, so I got the free upgrade to windows 10. I find 10 better that 8.1, but will not be up grading my windows 7 on my desk top. Thanks for the info Shell, will keep an eye out for any updates.
  4. Well then. I was gonna shut off auto-updates anyway because it would update while I shut my computer down and leave my stranded for several minutes. This is just another reason to do so.
  5. Thanks for the warning :) Rummaged around in my Updates files and found both of those new culprits sitting in there. They have since been hidden and disabled.
    KB3035583 I already knew about and killed ages ago, fortunately. Desktop is safe once more.

    :D and my poor little Netbook is still running WinXP. Don't have to worry there, no more updates for unsupported OS!
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  6. I happen to like windows 10
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  7. I find it has enough similarities to 7 for it to be easy to use while also promising support and updates for the future, as well as compatibility for future programs.(although who knows if game devs will stop win 7 support and upgrade.)
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  8. Ah, thanks for the heads up! I'll try to turn of automatic updates.