Happy Veterans Day!

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  1. In observance of Veterans Day 2014, EMC has released a promotional Remembrance Poppy.

    Use: /promo veteransday to claim it.

    Remember that you only get one and its purpose is not to amass your virtual wealth, but to pay homage to the Veterans of past and present.

    In addition to the Remembrance Poppy, I (krysyyjane9191) will be holding a small ceremony on smp6 /v veterans at 6:30 pm EMC time (EST) on 11/11. It will last roughly 30 minutes and is not a party of any sort. It will be very respectful and more like a traditional Veterans Day ceremony.

    My hope is that whoever comes will do their best to follow that ideal and extend their respect through silence during the ceremony as you would during a real life one. I ask that everyone else who is not in attendance keep town chat silent during the ceremony on smp6 so no one that is trying to pay attention will miss anything scrolling by in chat.

    If you must talk on smp6 during that half-hour, please use group, residence, or local chat.

    Thank You!
  2. Awee this is so nice! and Thoughtful!
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  3. Thank you krysyy. :) Here's to all the veterans of the world.
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  4. Nice, thanks. Might i suggest it be on my res on smp5, would be good to have that on a veterans res.

    Edit: I'll actually show up :p
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  5. :D it's out again; and I think I can make it to the ceremony!
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  7. Always great with a promo.
    My thoughts to all veterans, and my thoughts to all the soldiers that died serving the best purpose possible; their country!

    The willingness of America's veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude.

    ~Jeff Miller
  8. Nice!, thanks, I recommend announcing it on chat before it happens so people who don't check the forums know what's going on! so they can have a fair warning to be silent during the ceremony (Unless it was already done or will be...)
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  9. It will be, but thanks for the reminder =)
  10. Krysyy you should hold the ceremony at Mudhut. It's never been used :p
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  11. Very good.
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  12. Its great love what you've done guys! ;)
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  13. A formal ceremony for a formal holiday, like ;)
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  14. Wouldn't the cemetery on smp1 be more appropriate for a memorial? Unless there's a special res on 6 for this event, that is. It wasn't just made for Halloween. :) Either way I'll try to attend.
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  15. A cemetary is a little too somber. This is not just about the fallen. This is about all veterans past and present. The res will be reflective of this.
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  16. krysyy I had the poppy from yesterday in my vault and now it's gone :(

    edit: removed "the staff took it" and replaced it with "it's gone"
    edit: replaced "one" with "poppy"
    edit: added "now"
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  17. Thank you, a job well done. ;D
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  18. The poppies yesterday were not complete and were deleted from the server. None exist.
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  19. ok thanks for making that clear! :D
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