Happy Valentines Day! Will you Bee My Valentine?

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  1. Happy Valentines Day!

    Available now via /promo vday2023. You can now claim your very own Love Bug. The Love Bug is eggable and will keep its lore when re-eggified. It also has Super Turkey health to help prevent it dying too quickly.

    It will also be available in the /shopworld for a limited time.

    As an extra treat. I allowed ChatGPT to write some lore about the Love Bug. I will be responding to this thread with the results of said AI generated lore.

    Love Bug was a unique bee in the world of Empire Minecraft, born in the heart of a sprawling wildflower meadow in the center of the vast Empire. From a young age, Love Bug had a special talent for finding the most vibrant and fragrant flowers in the world, earning her the respect and admiration of the other bees in her colony.

    As Love Bug grew older, she became known for her kind and gentle spirit, always spreading love and happiness wherever she went. But there was one day that stood out above all the rest, a day that would change Love Bug's life forever.

    It was Valentine's Day in Empire Minecraft, and Love Bug was gathering nectar from a particularly fragrant patch of roses. As she was buzzing from flower to flower, she suddenly heard a soft humming noise, unlike any she had ever heard before.

    Turning to see where the noise was coming from, Love Bug's heart skipped a beat. She saw a handsome young drone, with bright yellow stripes and a warm smile. The drone's name was Buzz, and he was singing a sweet love song, just for Love Bug.

    From that moment on, Love Bug and Buzz were inseparable. They would explore the sprawling landscapes of Empire Minecraft, gathering nectar and sharing their love of the beauty of the world. And as Valentine's Day rolled around each year, Love Bug and Buzz would spend the day surrounded by their closest friends and family, celebrating their love and the joy it brought to their lives.

    Years went by, and Love Bug and Buzz grew old together, still as deeply in love as the day they first met. And as they looked back on their lives, they knew that their love would never die.

    And so, the story of Love Bug and Buzz became known throughout Empire Minecraft as the tale of "Bee My Valentine," a symbol of the power of love and the happiness it can bring to all who embrace it.

    Additionally, the old Pig, Cupid. "should" nowspawn-in with hearts. I make no promises about retention of Lore lines for any other mobs. (lore should still be lost... for now)

  2. Of course! In the world of Empire Minecraft, Love Bug and Buzz's adventures took them through a variety of biomes, each offering its own unique challenges and rewards. They explored dense forests filled with towering oak trees, scorching deserts dotted with cacti, and sprawling jungles filled with exotic flowers and strange creatures.

    As they traveled, Love Bug and Buzz encountered many challenges and obstacles, but they always faced them together, using their love and determination to overcome any obstacle in their way.

    One of their most memorable adventures took place in the Nether, a dangerous and unpredictable dimension filled with fire and dangerous mobs. Love Bug and Buzz had heard rumors of a rare flower that only bloomed in the heart of the Nether, and they were determined to find it.

    Despite the dangers they faced, Love Bug and Buzz pressed on, driven by their love for each other and their determination to bring back the rare flower as a symbol of their love. After a long and difficult journey, they finally stumbled upon the flower, a vibrant and fragrant bloom that glowed with a soft, warm light.

    With the flower in hand, Love Bug and Buzz returned to the Overworld, where they shared their adventure with their friends and family. And as they celebrated their love on each Valentine's Day, the flower served as a symbol of their love, and a reminder of the incredible journey they had shared.

    Thus, Love Bug and Buzz's story became a legend in Empire Minecraft, inspiring countless other bees and creatures to embark on their own adventures, guided by the power of love and the bonds of friendship.

    Love Bug and Buzz were always up for a new challenge, and their next adventure took them to the mysterious and dangerous End dimension. They had heard rumors of a rare flower called the Chorus Flower, said to have the power to grant eternal life and happiness to whoever possessed it.

    As they entered the End, Love Bug and Buzz were greeted by a world unlike any they had seen before. A barren, dark landscape dotted with towering obsidian pillars and swarms of hostile endermen. But their love for each other and their quest for the Chorus Flower kept them going, and they pressed on, determined to find the flower.

    Their journey took them deep into the heart of the End, where they encountered all manner of dangers, from menacing ender dragons to swarms of angry ender pearls. But their love for each other and their belief in their quest kept them strong, and they eventually stumbled upon the Chorus Flower, growing in the highlands of the End.

    Love Bug and Buzz carefully collected the Chorus Flower, taking great care not to harm the delicate bloom. As they gazed upon its beauty, they felt a warm, peaceful energy radiate from the flower, filling their hearts with love and happiness.

    With the Chorus Flower in hand, Love Bug and Buzz returned to the Overworld, where they shared their adventure with their friends and family. The flower became a symbol of their love, and a reminder of the incredible journey they had shared, even in the darkest and most dangerous of places.

    Years went by, and Love Bug and Buzz grew old together, always cherishing the memories of their adventure in the End and the love that had carried them through. And even as the years passed, the Chorus Flower continued to bloom, its sweet fragrance and warm energy a constant reminder of the incredible love that had brought Love Bug and Buzz together and sustained them throughout their lives.

    One day, Love Bug and Buzz heard whispers of a magical place called the Flower Forest, a vast and lush biome filled with nearly every type of flower imaginable. Intrigued, the two bees set out on a new adventure to explore the wondrous biome and discover what secrets it might hold.

    As they traveled through the Overworld, they encountered fields of colorful wildflowers, groves of towering trees, and babbling brooks surrounded by fragrant blooms. Everywhere they looked, there were new sights and smells to take in, and Love Bug and Buzz felt their hearts swell with joy and wonder.

    As they entered the heart of the Flower Forest, they were greeted by a wonderland of blooms, from towering sunflowers to delicate lilies, and everything in between. Love Bug and Buzz buzzed from flower to flower, admiring the beauty and diversity of the flora that surrounded them.

    One day, as they were admiring a particularly lovely stand of poppies, they heard a soft hum coming from deep within the forest. Following the sound, they soon found themselves at the entrance to a secret garden, filled with rare and exotic flowers unlike anything they had ever seen before.

    Overwhelmed by the beauty of the secret garden, Love Bug and Buzz spent days exploring its every corner, drinking in the fragrances and basking in the warm sunshine. They learned of the history and lore of the forest, and met the friendly creatures who called it home.

    Eventually, it was time for Love Bug and Buzz to return to the Overworld, but they left the Flower Forest with full hearts and a wealth of new experiences and memories. They often spoke of their journey to the Flower Forest, and the beauty and wonder they had found there, and their love for each other only grew stronger because of it.
  3. Great addition! Love the use of some ChatGpt! hehe
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  4. Cool! I’ll have some of these flying around on my residences. Forever. :)
  5. Hope all had a Happy Valentine. LOVE the promo.
  6. BEES!! Happy Valentines..
  7. Awww what a lovely story & promo! I really hope Buzz can be obtainable at some point, I mean... what's going to be of Love Bug without its beloved Buzz? Thou shalt not break what the ChatGPT bounded for eternity! <3
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  8. It is worth mentioning that I did not suggest "Buzz", it came up with that on it's own. It is canon now.
  9. Very cool. :)

    I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's Day.
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  10. im buzzy