Happy Valentine's Day EMC!

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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️
  2. Happy Valentines day
  3. Happy Valentines day everyone :)

    My girlfriend is like the square root of minus a hundered, she would be a full 10, but it's purly imaginairy. :p
    (I think the fact that I think a maths joke is funny sais enough...) :rolleyes:
    For the people who don't get that joke.
  4. Happy Valentine's day!!!!
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  5. Happy valentines day everyone!
    yoshiyoshi5 <3, Gaming_Comander, CocoInAction, cam7051, Stonyboi, And you staff team :3, All you fellow smp2ians, And the rest of you Empire Minecraftians
  6. PSA: Tomorrow is the best day of the year to buy chocolates. Treat yo-selves.
    (Happy Valentine's day, everyone <3)
  7. I love this promo. Thanks so much!
  8. Happy Valentines Day! Hope you all had a nice day, God Bless <3