Happy Valentine's Day EMC!

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day!

    To all of our players and valentines out there, we wish you the best of Love, Friendship, and Happiness today.
    To show all of those, our special valentine promo collection for this year is an assortment of special blossoms.

    Type /promo blossom to choose one of the following:

    Love Blossom

    Friendship Blossom

    Happiness Blossom

    Each will award +1 health point when held in your offhand and each has a special lore to go with the theme of the flower.

    Feel free to purchase additional blossoms to give out to your loved ones, friends, and anyone you want to share happiness with. The shopworld has them on sale for 10,000r each for the duration of the promo (minimum 5 days).
  2. Happy Valentine’s Everyone
  3. Happy Valentines Day!
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  4. I can’t wait to get me a friend zone blossom or two!

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ;)
  5. wonder if the extra health effect stacks when you have more than 1 in your hand
  6. Happy Valentines. Hope you all have a great weekend!
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  7. Happy Valentine's day everyone!
  8. Happy Valentines everyone! <3
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  9. Nice idea. :)
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  10. Happy Valentines Day!;)
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  11. Really like the idea of also celebrating friendship and happiness :)
  12. Happy Valentines Day everyone! :D
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  13. Woop, single appreciation day! If you do have a loved one, make sure you give them a gift though ;)
  14. Woot I already got all 3
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  15. Happy Valentine's day, everyone :D

    I love EMC, I have many friendships on EMC, and that brings me happiness ;)
  16. they look so lovely.
  17. Happy Valentines everyone! Love yall <3
  18. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Single or taken, I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Remember though, tomorrow is national discount chocolate day so get ready!!!
  19. If single or couple or just friends either way just have a super great Valentines Day. :)
  20. Happy Valentines Day!
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