Happy Valentine's Day EMC!

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  1. Roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    hearts over your head
    from a bow tried and true.

    Happy Valentine's day to Everyone on EMC!
    Celebrate the occasion with a re-release of the Cupid's Bow and some Cupid Arrows to go with.
    This may even come in handy for something(s) the Event Team has planned for later :D

    Type /promo vday17 to claim yours today. Active until at Feb 21st (7 days).
  2. Thanks :)
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  3. Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!
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  4. Happy valentine's day everyone!
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  5. Happy Valentines Everyone! I got me and my skyline aainst the world for valentines ;)

    Just wondering when this will be avaliable in shopworld? :)
  6. Not all promos are available in /shopworld, and as far as I know Aikar disliked the idea of using promos to earn money, especially Cupid bows. Which is why he made them indestructible :)

    Editing in my Thank you and happy valentines day to you all! Is the promo supposed to auto open? Because it doesn't say that when you go to claim it, then when you think you're getting a chest it auto opens... was kinda looking forward to a bundle :(
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  7. Happy Valentines day everyone :) Here's hoping your hearts are full, and your inventories are full of diamond <3
  8. Yay! Happy valentine's day ya'll! And if you're like me who sits in the dark and watches Netflix alone while eating popcorn then HIGH FIVE! :D
    (oh and for those of you that don't high five as well)
  9. *high fives*
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  10. I've added my touch to somewhere on emc.
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  11. Well, if you aren't specifically trying to use the Cupid bow to earn money like you said Aikar disliked, why would you want a chest instead of the actual thing? :p
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  12. Happy Valentines Day!
  13. All bundles auto-open when claimed from /promo after the issue of people treating the bundle unopened as a separate promo and not actually USING the items inside.
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  14. Why isn't cupid making a come back you know the pig.
  15. Happy Valentines Day everybody! Hope everyone has an amazing day =)
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  16. It's really nice to keep some traditions alive and I appreciate the return of this promo :)

    As for valentines day itself... my SO and myself don't celebrate because we both dislike the 'commitment' and commercial part. We often get each other stuff throughout the year because we either want to surprise each other or because we feel like it, and we think such surprises are much more fun than buying or giving stuff "because its valentines day". We don't show our love and appreciation just on one day, and only because you have to.

    Unexpectedly bringing a bouquet of roses during a weekend visit in the summer? Classic :)

    The other being commercial... I actually tried it once. A few years back, valentines day was on a weekend, I had already planned to spend the weekend at her place and so I figured I'd bring some roses. Yeah... Prices do go up on valentines day, and will quickly drop a few days later.

    But yeah, the valentines day promo on EMC is something I am going to enjoy :)
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  17. I really feel like you have written almost that exact message before. :p
    I do see your point, though, although I'm mostly glad Valentine's day exists, it can be a nice opportunity for various purposes sometimes.
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  18. But if you don't celebrate V-Day, then that gives you the perfect opportunity: it is the one day of the year that she would never expect anything from you. Thus, it would be a complete surprise if you did do something. :p
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  19. Double bluffin' for lovin'