Happy Valentines Day - 2024

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  1. A bit late in the day, but Happy Valentines Day!

    Available now via /promo vday2024 is a special promo. The Lovey Dovey Dove.
    You can re-eggify it and it will keep all of its original lore and whatnot. So it is safe to spawn in. There is no "unused" version.

    Note there is a small bug that causes it to always be sitting. I will fix that later this evening or early tomorrow.

    Also, I will setup a /shopworld shop in a couple hours. Need to go run somewhere for now.

    I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day. (And Ash Wednesday to those that recognize that)
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  2. Yay! Keeping lore when turning it back into an egg is a nice touch.
    Thanks Chicken!
    Happy Valentines/Ash Wednesday ❤
  3. Thank you for the parrot. This in the same room as the honey bee will drop so many hearts.
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  4. Parrots are the new Cupid
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  5. Is it always going to be the same parrot when spawned?
  6. Yeah. Doves are gray... So
  7. Thanks :)
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  8. This might be an acceptable bug since most parrots tend to fly high and away when approached. If they are given flight perms then they might behave like bees do in town. Always high in a corner trying to get to the flowers in the middle of the road.
  9. Very cool, I like that the eggs stack—and still do after re-eggifying. :D