Happy St. Patrick's Day 2023!

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  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day from EMC! Somebody snuck into town spawn last night and left a trail of shiny footprints... What do they lead to? :eek:
    Visit /town on any SMP to check it out now!
  2. Happy Saint Patrick's day everyone!
    Edit: Very cool idea for the "event" and a nice little surprise at the end of the trail :)
  3. happy st. Patrick's day everyone
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  4. Happy St. Patrick's day everyone! That's was a fun little surprise!
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  5. I think this surprise is golden :rolleyes:

    Happy St Patrick's Day everyone :D
  6. happy st patrik day (to everyone)
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  7. Finally an easier-than-easy parkour event that even I could master on the first try!!!

    Loved the hide and seek nature of the festivity as well 😄
  8. Thank you for the promo. It's really nice and the little hunt for it was interesting. Has that room always been there?
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  9. Since those spawns were installed, yes.
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  10. It was my first time ever down there, I had no idea it was there :eek:

    Thank you for the promo, it was fun to have to seek it out.
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