Happy St. Patrick's Day 2021!

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  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day 2021!

    Let wealth and luck fill your day and may each of you find a little Irish in ye to celebrate.

    Use /promo gold21 to claim your Pot of Gold. Looking for more? It's available in the Empire Shop for 15,000r for a limited time.*

    *Promotional item availability for this year lasts until March 27th.
  2. Happy St. Patrick's Day 2021!
  3. I wish we could @ people on the forums, because if I could, I would @607. :p I could ping him on Discord, but he'll find his way here anyway. ;)

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  5. Happy St Paddy's day all o/
  6. woo more gooooold
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  7. Here is to a safe and fun St. Patrick's Day 2021!

    :D #CloverGreen4Ever
  8. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
  9. May the Leprechauns not see yer paw dippin' in their pot-o-gold . . . ;)
  10. Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone! :cool:
  11. Aah, finally!
    I can stop buying pots of gold for 30k a piece. :D
    You could've quoted a random post of mine. ;)