Happy St. Patrick's Day 2020!

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  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day 2020!

    To celebrate, we're pulling an oldie from the back of the closet (and because we've been asked to).
    Last released in 2017, it's your chance to grab a Pot of Gold!

    Once every 24 hours, check your Pot of Gold and be rewarded with GOLD NUGGETS! Protect them dearly or a leprechaun just might snatch them up!

    Type /promo stpatrick20 to claim your own. This will NOT be in the shop this year.
    Enjoy everyone!
    Note we are aware of a minor timings bug that make it 24 hours, and 60 mins (actually 25 hours). It's being looked at, though it won't affect anything else with the item. The ones from 2015-2017 have this same problem.
  2. Happy St Patrick’s Day all ☘️

    Completely forgot about it this year if I’m honest... I was meant to wear my green jumper to work ☹️
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  3. I'm sure 607 will be happy to see this :)
    Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!
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  4. "You have slipped down a rainbow Discovered your own pot of gold You are living your wildest dreams Use them, you'll never grow old"

    Happy St. Paddy's Day all
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  5. @607

    Glad to see this back!!
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  6. Wasn't that nice ;)

    Happy St Patrick's day :)
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  7. lol, old Hollies song, eh.
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  8. Been busy and away for a bit over the last couple of weeks But I already read I am going to need to setup a 1.15.2 profile in my MC launcher now since it was released Sunday.

    Glad to see the Ole' Pot o' Gold is back. Must be the luck of the Irish this year. :D

    Happy St Patty's day to all you kind folk out there.
  9. Happy Green Patrick of the Saints day and a golden hello to our pots under the rainbow fun....
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  10. Cool beans nuggets.
    Gold is great!
  11. Going green and being lucky. Top o' the morning to ya pot o' gold collectors :p
  12. Hardly. :( :p I might've been if I hadn't been so disappointed, because I hadn't got to this line yet, and was ready to spent 3 million on Pots of Gold...
    However, it is better than nothing! I am still buying Unused Pots of Gold for 30k a piece... which is twice as expensive as it otherwise would've been, but now that it has been rereleased I should get a lot!
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  13. I just figured out that corned beef was popular on St. Patrick's Day by having it myself!
  14. lel, I am the 1,000th view on this. Not like it matters tbh. xD
  15. How can you see that? Just curious