Happy Republic Day Italy!

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  1. Happy Republic Day to all you Italians and Italian aficionados out there.

    Anywho, yes the Italy flag maps are being put onto EMC. However, certain (#BlameAikar) situations have delayed the addition to the Flag Shop. But don't worry, they will be there soon so you can wave your Green, White, and Red all over your residences =)
    You can find them in the Empire Flag Shop under town spawn.
    They are NOT cross server.

    So yeah, follow this link for some background information on the Festa della Repubblica to learn something while you wait (it's gonna be a while):
  2. Im not italian but that country is nice!
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  3. The flag shop is starting to get filled with great flags!
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  4. awesome!
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  5. Nice
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  6. giorno felice Repubblica :D
    Happy republic day :D
  7. Pizza... Pizza.. Happy Republic day, Italians! :D
  8. Who do we have to thank for the flag, Matheus as always? :p
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  9. Has anyone else realized that like all Italian pastas either end in -i -ia?
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  10. Interesting Information about foods That you may not have known
    to give you a little knowledge about pasta: It originated in CHINA, and Marco Polo brought it to italy after his trip to asia(goal india). Then Italy changed the style a bit and got famous about it. Most people think that it is from Italy, but it is not(not saying that you don't, is just a random/curious fact for everyone)

    EDIT: Other foods that seem from countries but are not:

    French Fries(they think they are from France, but they are from Belgium)
    Hot Dogs( are from germany if you didn't know)
    Coffee(the drink): although coffee(the plant) is central-south american, the drink was invented in asia. The monks in asia tried to do tea with coffee beans and it was horrible, but when thry toased the beans and then made tea it was delicious(for them).
  11. Oh I know that! But Italy knows how to handle Pasta. Also Pizzas were invented in Greece, but Italy makes 'em much better XD
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  12. Awesome! <3 more flags! Still waiting on an Irish flag!! Hope we don't have to wait until St. Pat's day next year!
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  13. molto bene!
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  14. I didn't know there were Italians on EMC!
    I hope the flag will be added soon, though, as I like Italy.
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  15. I collect the falgs
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  16. Starting to run out of space for all the flags at the front of my res, thanks for another great addition!

    Happy Republic Day! ^_^
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