Happy New Year! 2013 on Empire Minecraft and CRAFTA Awards Results

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  1. Happy New Year! Instead of boring everyone to death with a multiple paragraph summary of the year I decided to write a poem instead. Below are the results for the CRAFTA Awards. Enjoy!

    The year of 013 began with a bang
    An array of explosions as the first Empire Fireworks rang

    Maxarias and Aikar joined the madmen
    As they were promoted to Admin

    The /shop is rebuilt with an Egyptian look
    And in no time the tutorial would also be let off the hook

    Soon after came the 60,000 Member Items rise
    They're almost as good as these rhymes!

    The Wastelands made a gracious return
    And the Survival Update... to the Enraged Mobs we adjourn!

    The Empire Wiki is launched
    But with it, the old tutorial is staunched
    However in its place we have an interactive one,
    Just as our red dragon made an appearance at MineCon
    She even won an award!

    And then soon came the Bungee-cord

    Max and Aikar finally married
    1.7 accompanied

    These among others, such as EMC Con
    With it Max and Aikar's discussions about who is wrong

    Don't forget the new vaults being added
    Not to mention EMC was re-branded
    From Justin to Starlis it was handed

    So as we begin this new era
    I'll be the bearer:

    Now that the year has been
    Helloooo 2014!

    However, this thread isn't all about the year gone by. So terrible poems aside, below you'll find the results of the 2013 CRAFTA Awards. :)

    Winners can collect their prizes from 4006 on SMP2.

    Best community member - Coming soon
    Biggest community contributor - Deathtomb8953
    Happiest/most cheerful EMC player - Palmsugar
    Most respected EMC member - JackBiggin
    Favourite discussion/posts - Spidey329's Favourite Sayings thread
    Silliest ban reason - Moderngamer88 - unfortunately he couldn't be with us today.
    Best EMC event - Mob Arenas
    Favourite wild outpost - LLO (Last Light Outpost) Zulu9
    Cutest EMC couple - Maxarias and Aikar
    Most popular shop - Todd_Vinton at 2000
    Shop with the best organisation - RandomZh at 1728
    Most original shop - Krysyyjane9191 at 3004
    Best non-shop on EMC - Eclipsys at 104
    Most stylish/prettiest building - Eclipsys at 104
    Most expensive looking residence - Krysyyjane9191 & Ignoramoose at 3879
    Best EMC artwork - Palmsugar's Artwork
    Best EMC advertisement - Heyaroo's Promotional Video
    Best tool/creation of the year - Shavingfoam's EMC Shopkeeper
    Most annoying EMC bug - Multiple leaf item ID's
    Most game-changing EMC update - Enraged Mobs/Normal Mode Update
    Favourite EMC redstone creation - Apocryphan's redstone

    Voting Winner - THE_LEGEND4

    Thank you to everyone that took part. More contests and events will be coming your way. :D
  2. Congrats to everyone that won! :D
    Edit: First :3
  3. Congrats you guys!
    And Happy New Year!!! :D
  4. Congrats to everyone! Cannot wait to see what 2014 brings to us.
  5. Congrzzles and Happy New year everyone!
  6. Happy New year! :)
  7. Lol.. How am I going to explain to my dad why i stayed so long at my gf's house.. Lol.. This will be hard
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  8. Onwards to 2014!
    (in 2.5 hours for me :p)
  9. you are eleven and you have a girlfriend?
  10. Congrats everyone!
  11. Congrats :)
    Just wondering what where the prizes?
  12. Congrats and Happy New Year!
  13. A custom (coloured) Golden Apple and confirmation book signed by Maxarias :)
  14. Nice!
  15. Great job on the poem!
    How do you mean?
  16. Well I'm no poet but thank you :p
  17. Congrats to everyone! :D
  18. congratulations everyone :D
  19. Congrats everyone!!! :D
  20. Don't judge anyone... 030 -_-
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