Happy Late Canada Day!

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  1. Due to overwhelming peer pressure (jk) and the fact that is WAS Canada Day on July 1st, I have gone ahead and made a Canada Flag for the servers.

    They are available on TOP of the spawns for the same amount of time as the American Flags for now =)


    Screenshot at 22-59-20.png
  2. OMG Yay, Thank you so much
  3. Looks good. Good job on this one Krysyy! :)
    Also with no crashes!
    Too bad Italy had their Independence Day on June 2nd. :(
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  4. In the spirit of internationalism, other flags will be made slowly but surely over the next few months. That just means I will have extra time to make Italy's extra special.

    Winner of the World Cup gets their flag to celebrate asap when they competition is over!
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  5. Why care about the other countries. America ftw we rule the world!!!!1!11oneone

    </sarcasm> that is cool to see other countries flags. I imagine that the spawn would look really amazing if it had every flag near it.
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  6. I'd totally make a German flag if I knew how to make maps. If we make maps do you have a way to duplicate them for everyone else?
  7. Germany is on my list since i think they will win =)

    Edit: I just realized that Germany's flag is super simple. I can whip that up easy when they win.
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  8. lol i bet this would be harder

    The Ontario Canada Flag :p
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  9. Instead celebrating the New Year next Jan 1st we should celebrate World Independence from the absence of strict calculations of time recognized by all civilizations.
  10. That is what zoomed out maps are for... =P
    But yeah, not doing that one...
  11. How about the Empire Minecraft logo next for the 3 Years Anniversary?
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  12. This flag needs to be a priority if we are making flags.
  13. I was just thinking and talking to someone else about that. You psychic?
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  15. Germany will win :p

    You should do a Wales flag one day. Wales has a nice flag :p
  16. The Canadian flag really stands out above everything else on my property.
  17. How about the australian flag! I'm Aussie! :p

    Would definetely want to see this implemented.

    I thought that instead of clogging up spawn with them (Even though it would look cool) You could have like a kind of promo idea like /flag or something and have a list of them you can just keep buying for 1r or something :p
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  18. Thanks kryssyy for making us country flags for only 2r each!

    Also, I feel sorry for those who think that Germany is going to win, it is obvious that the Netherlands will be victorious.
  19. The funny part about the matches from brazil is that the supporters are 90% brazil and only 10% from the other country,
    a bit overwhelming :p