Happy Labor Day and Brazil Independence Day!

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Sep 7, 2015.

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    To celebrate Labor Day, pick up your 2015 Labor Bench with /promo laborday
    Extras will also be available in the Empire Shop once Aikar reboots things =P
    Curious about Labor Day? Read more about the holiday here:

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    To celebrate Brazil Independence Day, we've released the Brazil Flag at our Empire Flag Shop.
    Go to /v Spawn_Town@flags on any server to get your own.
    They are not cross-server so make sure that you don't place them in your vault.
  2. 1st
    EDIT: glad to have an alt to get 2 labor benches! :D :p
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  3. Also, a while ago some of the flags in the flag shops were half of the pirate flag. Don't know if it is fixed yet, haven't got the chance to look. :)
  4. That's a client bug with what you are looking at. Relog and it fixes it =)
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  5. Woot! Thanks so much! :D Heading to grab that Brazil flag as we speak! ;)
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  6. Yay! Get it tommorow!
  7. Will the bench not be sold in /shop?
  8. Awesome! Keep up the good work. :)
  9. :( i wont be on for a couple of days so i wont get 1
  10. Awesome! *switches to alt* :)
  11. Must have forgotten all about this thread coming out today!
  12. No, it will. Aikar is doing a few things before the update that will have it appear in shop =P
  13. When is the labor day bench going to stop being sold?
  14. Most of our usual promos run a week or so from release to allow players that were on vacation to obtain it.
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  15. Ok i hope i will get on in time. aww man i shouldve looked today
  16. Awesome stuff, Krysyy. Thank you once more for a wonderful promo which I can blast more of my money on (soon hopefully, at least. ;)).
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