Happy Birthday to you!! (Aikar)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 1998golfer, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Hey EMCers! Lets all wish a happy birthday to Aikar! (I think hes 27 now?)

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  2. Happy Birthday to Aikar!
  3. Happy BirthDay Aikar!!! Thank you for all you have done in EMC!!

    Since the First day i meet you, you and Maxarias you both are really good,cool,happy, people! :) I wish you the best the older you get! Your never to old for EMC. (just Saying) :) Hope you have a good birthday to day and have Fun. Also Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you eat a Good feast and some pumpkin Pie!! :)
  4. Happy Birthday! :)
  5. Happy birthday Aikar! :)
  6. Happy Birthday Eye-Car!
  7. I was beginning to wonder if anyone else knew... No posts on his profile (which i guess is disabled anyways) and no threads D: so i had to fix that.
  8. Happy Birthday!! :D
  9. thanks guys
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  10. We love you!
    *insert JackBiggin about permissions*
  11. Happy birthday aikar!
  12. Happy birthday! :) Don't eat TOO much. :p
  13. lol