Happy 2023 EMC!

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  1. Happy 2023 EMC!

    It is time to put aside 2022 and welcome the glorious year of 2023! We are releasing an Empire Firework. Hope you enjoy it :). We have some great plans going into this new year, stick around and find out what will come!

    Leading up to the new year there are a couple of events planned tonight:
    • Moople is hosting Firefloor at 10:30PM EMC time. LINK
    • Senior Staff+ is hosting a surprise event about 11:15PM EMC time going through Midnight.
    Hope to see you at either of these events. Either way, I wish you the best going into this New Year!

    Grab your firework with /promo 2023 or buy at /shopworld for 20,230 rupees.

  2. Happy new year! (Early)
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  3. Not in some areas of the world!
  4. That is a good time. :D
  5. Happy new year to all ( in 4 and a half hours UK time) :)
  6. chickeneer hosted Design in Time after FireFloor finished up! It was a trial run and we learned a lot to improve it in the future. Thanks to everyone who joined us! :D

    Here are some pics of the builds for those who missed it. The theme was to decorate a ball for the New Year's Ball Drop and then decorate the surrounding area. Nice job, everyone! :)

  7. It was the first time I had ever seen this event. It must not have been used much in 1.12, I guess.

    My thoughts for improvement:
    Having "creative" access with provided blocks = yay!
    Public chat to get ideas across 5 person team = 😞

    Would like to see a brainstorming session for 5 minutes, then perms on with the 20 minute build timer. And a staff shout of the count down by 5 minute increments, would help.

    Also, skulk needs a silk hoe to break, there were none. It was picks, shovels, ax, and shears.
    Silk tools maybe the only thing they need to be. No fortune, game isn't gonna use them up.
  8. Looks cool, I hope the people who came online for the event don't regret having done so. :D
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  9. What does that even mean? lol.
  10. im confused as well. what do you mean, lol
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  11. I interpret it to mean:
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  12. I couldn't make it for I was so sleepy and tired I wrapped myself into a blanketed burrito and was asleep by 10pm. Pics look cool, hope everyone that made it had fun. HAPPY NEW YEARS !!!!
  13. It looks like he meant “I hope no one stayed up too late to go to the event.”

    And the event was fun. Will there be another part for a drop party? :)
  14. Thanks, I wasn't sure how to explain so I decided to not attempt to elaborate lest I create further confusion, but you got it pretty well. :D I also hoped (before the event) that people who had the chance to stay with family would do that instead.
  15. It was a fun event, but next time no bells. It was hard to focus with all the ringing. Group chat would have been nice to have too.
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  16. There was an admission that pressure plates for bells would have been nice-r.
    Maybe that? Not sure how to suggest that without suggesting that you use sounds in the directions.
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  17. Haha I had put a lever but didn’t put perms would be taken away haha but had lots of fun :)