Happy 11th Birthday EMC!

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  1. that was so much fun. thank you all for hosting <3
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  2. I second this! But it turns out, we were wrong about there being a new purple person. There wasn't, which I found mildly surprising.
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  3. honestly it baffles me that nobody got promoted, tho to be fair i dont think moople wants to be an admin, and lucky as an admon would be chin 2.0 except instead of rainbows id be birds xd
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  4. The event was fun ^^

    If I may suggest, some improvements for next time:
    - the choose the cake mini-drop-party was frustrating. My SO got in 2 "right" cakes out of 3 and got squat from the drops, most likely because of cross-the-ocean ping (same reason why during the PPP we saw people further away from drops get the drops before us, it was very annoying). Please consider giving out something to everyone in the right cake if you do it again.
    - during the eat the cake it was more profitable to run around and grab pieces mined by others than to mine yourself. If at all possible, I would have it behave similar to objects in item frames: they do not drop and appear in the inventory of the person that mined it.
  5. Wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all involved in planning and executing this celebration. It was a fun time to be had by all and a nice way to celebrate the place that continuously brings us together. Thank you.
  6. Darn, i missed it. hope everyone had a good time!
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  7. Over 2.5k views on this post, it would be nice to see that many players on the server at the same time
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  8. I'd guess they're not unique views
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  9. I'd like to add to my feedback: the 3D printing game was very enjoyable.
  10. Happy 11th! I’ve not logged into EMC for god knows how long, been living the PC/ console free life. Hope you’re all keeping well. Amazing job all the staff as well, honestly. Keep at it!
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