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  1. Hello EMC,
    I have decided to make a free website creating business.
    If you want a website, PM me and briefly describe the website and what it is on and I will make the website.
    Also you will get a FREE .tk domain name!
    Here are examples of websites I have made:

    Donations are greatly appreciated!

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  2. Sounds cool!
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  3. Small fyi, .tk is free for everyone...

    I used to have a few until i went with .ca
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  4. Ik just some people might not know how to get one lol
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  5. Interesting service.

    Lately I've been messing around with webcode (html, javascript, ect.) and have been thinking about getting a domain to create my own webpages. Does a .tk domain allow for custom code or is it template based? If free code then I might just have to make myself one to mess around with.
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  6. .tk Is just a domain name some random island country has decided to give away for free. You can use it for anything you want more or less. Wiki article.
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  7. As Trapper said, It is just the domain, you still need a Server with the DNS settings and all....
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  8. Wait, you're doing all the CSS and HTML yourself, not through some template? That's awesome.
  9. Doing the html myself. Haven't learned css yet. Will start soon.

    Not too skilled in html yet. Usually when I make a webpage,(just pull up some random google search and modify that page. then just refresh button to reset) things don't go as planned and I usually end up with a weird looking page, but hey, I'm learning lol
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  10. Hi Wither,
    If you sign up for then use the code you want and go to and sign up there and get it to forward your .tk name!
    sorry if this makes no sense, I can set up the domain for you if you want.
  11. What do you use to host your websites? I have looked in the past and most free hosting services were really sketchy.
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  12. I could not find one worth it, so I went with CaCloud, but got banned when someone Ddosed my site, but with 1and1 hosting, I would suggest them...
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  13. Hello jkrmnj,
    I make the website and get a domain from which is hosted by freenom, the domain I create then forwards you to the site (where the coding is kept) bringing you to the website,
    For example the page you are taken to when you go to is this:
    I hope this has helped :)
  14. Great! How do you use this?
  15. If you would like me to create a website PM me :)
  16. Okay, thanks!