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  1. Thanks, we appreciate it!
  2. Minecraft In-Game Name:Makrom1
    How old are you in minecraft?:since 1.4
    How old are you in minecraft multiplayer?:since 1.7
    How old are you at the empire servers?:about 2 to 3 months
    From the recruitment activities(miner, builder, hunter, designer), in wich you are the best?:I would hav to say builder, hunter and designer
    Will you run for an 'official' job? if yes wich?:Not realy i mostly wana help
  3. First i'd like to say what a pleasure it was to meet the players at the meeting and I look forward to learning and having a great time with you all.
    Second, for a lot of our activities in the wild I'd like to recommend the use of zanMap1.1 or Rei's Minimap as they both offer way-points among their features.

    Rei's can be found here:

    Zan ( the one I use ) is here:
    It has a readme file for installing. Does not need modloader to run.
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  4. Hey Markom1. We're neighbors. 6682. Nice place you have. Very earthy and colorful. :D
  5. The following player signatures has been made! same as other signatures, please click at your name and then copy paste the link, after just edit your signature with [img][/img]

    Also, i want to tell everyone that my Senior V.P. is going to be Squizzel_boy, and also i would love to thanks the donations from the players, those are being well used ;)
    Please check the first activity thread: click me!

    Thank you,
  6. Yet Again someone spells my name like
    when its
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  7. Nvm that post I'm in
  8. That should not make a difference unless he is "The Delta Team General Recruiter" or "V.P"or "Senior V.P."Than he cannot say you can't join.
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  9. Actually now I'm in I'm not listening to him. :)
  10. Who is showoff bla bla bla? lol, you are more than in bro! everyone that applies is!
  11. Hey copher, on my utopian lot I'm going to make a castle which is going to be the suppling base for the members. Im going to make a chest for each member and like every two days theres supplies in their chest ( they have access to that 1 chest) such as leather, raw chicken, feathers, and maybe music discs and more.
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  12. Sounds great Like posts like these to show you agree :)
  13. And am I the showoff or is showoff212 the show off xD
  14. Showoff212;)
  15. Oh Ok lol ;)well where's your signiture Shooter? xP
  16. i want to join
  17. What signature?:confused:
  18. Shooter click on you name on this post
    Click on your name :D
  19. Minecraft In-Game Name: Showoff212
    How old are you in minecraft?: about 3 years
    How old are you in minecraft multiplayer?: since it became available
    How old are you at the empire servers?: about 4 months
    From the recruitment activities(miner, builder, hunter, designer), in wich you are the best?: builder (designer) and im a very experienced miner.
    Will you run for an 'official' job? if yes wich?: delta team building master

  20. Well you can just fill in the form on page one (Copy and Paste then fill it in and post it here)
    and I will have a look through your Empire history and then if its clean then :DDD your in :)