Delta Team : Group Mining/Hunting

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  1. Delta Team
    First official Group activity

    Hi guys!
    First of all i want to thanks those players who joined the Delta Team, is a honor to play with you guys!
    Also, the first meeting was done already! check this post > click me! to see what we talked about and to get updated :)

    We planned a first official Group activity saturday 5:30pm [gmt -5] at SMP4 Server, i don't know if a big portion of the players could attend this day at this time, i suggest we do it at sunday 5:30pm or any time is better for you guys, please post here telling me what is the best time to do it!

    Also, i will decide the Mining Master and Hunting Master position after this event.
    Please read the post of the meeting to know more about other stuff.

    Here what Group mining and group hunting is about:

    Please confirm here at what time and day you can assist to the first group activity (gmt -5 time please ;) )

    Thank you,

    Important notice: it will be done SUNDAY 11am GMT -5 there will be a second activity 5:30pm GMT -5 for whoever can't assist the first :)

  2. Well this is going Great :)
  3. I can not make a promise but if we do it sunday i should be able to do it. i can also do stuff Monday-Wednesday from 5-9pm EST (-5) fridays are a toss up and the weekends is never a promise because i ref hockey on the weekends
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  4. Well I'm not very sure about Sundays, I have to go swimming from 1:00 - 3:30 pm Mountain time. So I suggest probably 6:00 pm gmt [that'll be 4pm my time.] :3
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  5. I'll be there. ;)

    Hey SunnyDayz, you on a swim team? Tough sport. :)
  6. Sunday at night? Or maybe at morning???
    11am GMT -5 ??? Please answer b4 friday :s
  7. Hi, i won't be able to attend when it's on Saturday.
    I'll be at a "prom" that day :)

    I wish everyone attending a lot of fun though. hopefully you will find lots of ores ;)
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  8. Nope, I just like swimming and sundays we only have to pay 20-50$. :3
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  9. That sounds better than my plan! xD
    Though I tend to sleep until 11pm but I'll make sure to set my alarm clock for an hour before the meeting. :3
  10. i cant go at 530pm gmt as that is 630 am my time
  11. :O yeah that was what i was thinking, maybe a better time is something like 11:am [GMT -5] time :S
    EDIT: Please read this >
    i think it will be better for everyone :)
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  12. Lol i think i have to quit delta team. sorry guys
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  13. I cant meet up ont mondays through thursdays, but fridays after 3PM are good, also all day saturdays and sundays
  14. Yeah I think that would work great in everyone's time zone!
    D: Awww... If you change your mind, I bet Copher'll let you join agian. :3
  15. I banned :(
  16. I'm sorry. :/
  17. Hey guys, i was wondering if i could maybe join you on one of your adventures :) I have the location of 2 spawners both located with in maybe 30 blocks of each other (spider,zombie) so we could build a cool exp grinder or something. Unless the dreaded griefers have graced them with their presence :mad:
  18. i can attend to the first event YAY!
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  19. Maybe you could join Dela Team?
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  20. Well I should be able to attend the Sunday meeting (The First one)

    But It's my birthday so I don't know if I can make it (And I will be on holiday so I don't know if I will have Internet D: