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  1. I suggest removing DC626 as he is banned for scamming and will not be able to come onto any of the SMP servers.
  2. Here is what his res looks like from the outside. It looks absolutely Amazing!! I wasn't permitted to go inside but I was allowed to take images from the outside! :) I am also great at being a spy and taking screenshots of people doing things and buildings that are classified because I know how to A. Find the people or res. So if you ever need me to help you bust someone I will go undercover and Infiltrate them then help you get them busted. :)

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  3. Oh, I don't know yet! I'll probably ask Copher in a little while :3
  4. Minecraft In-Game Name: Dmitchell
    How old are you in minecraft?: 1 year 3 months and 3 days (November 10th, 2010)
    How old are you in minecraft multiplayer?: about 7 months
    How old are you at the empire servers?: about a month
    From the recruitment activities(miner, builder, hunter, designer), in wich you are the best?: builder
    Will you run for an 'official' job? if yes wich?: Id be happy to run for a position im a team leader so probally Delta Team General Manager

    im on smp3 6025
  5. Can i Join Delte team
  6. Ok, lemme set some things up. First of all, NONE of you guys have a Job yet. Jobs will be set today at the meeting (skype, my id is copherfield)
    Also, everyone interested can be part of D.T. Just fill up the format.
    As a last thing, welcome dmitchell! :)
  7. 1:AlexHallon
    2:About 4 ½ months I think
    3:4 months
    4:32 days
    5:Hmm.... hard to say. I'm pretty good in builder, hunter and miner... hmm.... well I guess that I'm best at mining and building.
    6:Well, I don't care very much about those jobs, but it would be fun if I could be Master Miner.
    Also, I am on SMP3.
  8. Ah darn. I dont think i will be able to come. I shall see. Dont expect me, though.
  9. when the meeting and how i get a sig like you guys?
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  10. copherfield will make you one and post a link to it. Give him a little time though as I'm sure he's getting ready for our first meeting. ;)
  11. Let me finalize something. I cant make it to the meeting. i unfortunately have a life outside of minecraft(who would have guessed?) so I dont have time to get on.
  12. i do have work tonight and may or may not be able to attend
  13. It's ok guys, ill post here all that i will say at the meeting, remember this is a game no need to be so serious :p
  14. Lun4rx the meeting is being right now! Why don't you add me at skype?
  15. Oh sorry, i thought you saw i couldnt come. im at this random place using my ipad for internet. i dont have skype on my ipad
  16. Hey I'm a great miner and found more than 3 stacks of diamonds. Im also a great hunter and killed about 5,000 monsters in the wild on the server. Heres my forum:
    • Im about a year old in mine craft.
    • I am about 4 months old in empire mine craft (this was my first server to play on)
    • 4 months in the mine craft servers.
    • I am best in mining and hunting.
    • Yeah I could run for a official job like VP or the mining master or the hunting master.
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  17. Oh yeah copher I have 2 cow farms that a get a lot of leather from. One is really big and the other is gonna be huge also. I could supply the guild with leather and a lot of food because I also have a ton of chicken farms.:p
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  18. Today's meeting, for you guys to catch up! :)

    The Delta Team project has been created long time ago by me at other servers.
    I'ts a community that has been opened and closed many times, due to several reasons, but it has always been very important where it has been, i hope the tradition continues with you guys, because we all are awesome and we know it.

    The idea isn't hard to understand, Delta Team is a community of both very good and new players, which help each other to grow together following some same goals.

    Lot's will be done with the Delta Team organized community, some examples follow:

    Group Mining: A group of at least 3 people will go together with a Delta Team Mining Master or a General Coordinator and will mine helping each other with techniques and will share everything that it's needed by each other, the group mining will be dated and timed with other members and with a Mining Master or General Coordinator.

    Group Hunting: Similar to the Group mining, players will help each other to hunt animals and mobs in order to get some drops, a Delta Team Hunting Master or General Coordinator will go with the group in order to help each other. Also, the hunting team together with the Building and Mining team will lookup and create an XP grinder, wich only Delta Team members will know about.

    Group Building: Same as Group Mining the players will get together to help building a Delta Team building or other player’s residence, in this case the Delta Team master will coordinate this event choosing only the best builders and the most trustful, also, if it’s a Delta Team building the VP or me (copherfield) must be present at the time.

    The rules:

    • The Delta Team inside rules will be pretty basic:
    • Respect even more each other D.T. Partner
    • Help at all cost the D.T. Community when it’s possible
    • Assist Group activities (at least 40% of them)
    • Don’t use bad words at forums (we need to show we are the best) and avoid trolling in excess
    • Don’t use D.T. name into something without explicit authorization.
    • Be awesome all the time.

    The HeadQuarters:

    Right now im in alpha phase of the HeadQuarters, I will try to finish them soon but since this will be huge as hell, I won’t be able to finish them so fast.
    If someone wants to help me build the H.Q. Please tell me now.
    Each one of you will get a room at the H.Q. With permissions for storing/opening and closing doors and using levers at each one room.
    Each one of you will get a mention at the Hall Of Fame inside the H.Q.
    Each one of you will benefit of all the facilities at the H.Q.

    The ranks:

    If you want to apply for a rank, right know ill choose via voting, I will only accept applies for General Coordinator and General recruiter.

    What I look for a General Coordinator to be like:
    • Helpful.
    • Trusted by community.
    • Follow all the rules.
    • Be an example for the community.
    • Have 60% or more of presence at all D.T. Activities (meetings, group activities, etc…)
    • Follow the training.

    What I look for a General Recruiter to be like:
    • Helpful.
    • Trusted by community.
    • Follow all the rules.
    • Be an example for the community.
    • Be active at forums.
    • Be respectful.
    • Follow the training.
    Thanks for the ones who assisted the meeting, hope to see other people next time!
    Also, this is my 300th post, uhuuu!
  19. You are more than welcome to Delta Team, lemme go do some signature i have pending, i'll set urs up, also add me at skype and ill add you to the official chat :)